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cold in eye.( advice please)

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my 6 year old female has a cold in her eye. will this go away by itself or do i need an antibiotic. is it contageous to my other babies? :paranoid2
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well, just noticed friend (the one with cold in eye) has started sneezing. zazu has minor drool. strudy eyes are watery. gee. i just treated them for colds a month ago. upper respiratory. now it's back. i asked my vet about zazu's drool. she said it's just part of the virus. is she right? i am EXTREMLY paranoid because sox had excessive drooling befor he died. i know drooling can mean different things. she's going to get the antibiotics ready for me to pick up. to treat everybody.(6) i hate it when i have to give them medicine. i know they don't understand what i'm doing to them. poor babies. if any one has any insight on why they keep getting this, let me know. can they catch a cold from us???? we've all had a head cold the past 3 days.?????
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Drooling scares me too. My dog got into a bag of chocolate chips once and was drooling really badly and almost died. It makes me think of poison.

My cats seem to forgive me right away about medicine. Poppy is pretty easy, but with Spidey its a wrestling match, but he never seems to hold a grudge.

Good luck, and I hope you all feel better soon!
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URI are pesky critters and hard to get rid of. I battled them off and on for months at a time, until I talked to a health food store owner and he told me about GSE. I have since been putting drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in my kittie's water and food and for a year now there have been no sneezes, runny noses or watery eyes. I also started using the stuff and haven't had my customary bouts with bronchitis pleurisy or pneumonia (something I would get regularly. I swear by the stuff now and it is so much cheaper than antibiotics BUT I would not have used it without the vet first trying all the antibiotics he had on hand to no avail. Because sometimes, it might of been something besides an URI
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