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Has anyone ever heard of this Irish dish?

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It got emailed to me today from the radio station and I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this?

Irish Potato Casserole
Layers of potatoes, tomatoes and Irish cheddar cheese.

In tribute to the Irish, a little history about the Great Potato Famine. In the 1800's the Irish were very poor and most subsisted solely on potatoes, which are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. They'd eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes with a little cabbage or fish on the side. In 1845 a fungus started killing off the plants and the wind spread the blight everywhere. Everyone thought that it would eventually go away and things would be back to normal, but it lasted for six years. It killed over a million people and another million fled to the U.S., penniless and starving. Here is where they began a new life.

(I can tell you that the potato famine is over, because when I visited Ireland 5 years ago, I got so tired of fried potatoes with every meal every day, I finally went into a little restaurant and said, ‘Could I please just have some broiled fish and a salad?' The waitress brought me fried fish with a side of fried potatoes and a salad – potato salad).

3 – 4 large Idaho potatoes
1 large onion, chopped
2 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped
About 8 slices of Irish cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Peel potatoes, cut into chunks and boil until tender. Drain water off potatoes and mash with a fork (don't use electric mixer). Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

While potatoes are cooking, sauté onion in a little olive oil until soft. Add tomatoes and simmer until almost all liquid is gone.

In a buttered 9” casserole dish, spread out half of the potatoes. Then put half the tomato mixture on top. Arrange 4 slices of cheese on top. Repeat. Bake for about 40 minutes, uncovered, until golden.
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I have had it (but not when I lived in Ireland) and didn't know it was supposed to be Irish
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I never heard of it, but it sounds good.
*whine* Its only 10:40 and you guys are getting me hungry already!
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Well, whatever nationality it is it sounds gooooood potatoes and cheese together? I'm in heaven
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Of course living in Wisconsin I would use Wisconsin cheese!!!
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Haven't heard of it, but I'd be happy to eat some!
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I make something like that, only I use Cotswold cheese, it has chives and onions.

Potatos + Cotwold + Oven = Yummm!
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It does sound good, but then you have to put the tomatoes in..........??????
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I haven't heard of it but it sounds good.
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Yes It's really good
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Well...I've made this (or something quite similar!) but didn't think it was Irish....... And I am Irish!
--But it IS good!!!!!!!
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we cook that all the time here
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We've had it, we always just called it cheese and potato pie. I even remember making it at school many moons ago.
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I've never heard of it. I think I would make it without the tomatoes.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I've never heard of it. I think I would make it without the tomatoes.
That's what I was thinking Karen.........the tomatoes just don't seem like they go.
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Potatoes and cheese should be a major food group all their own
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