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Interesting Womens Magazine

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When I was at Barnes & Noble on Wed I picked up several of my usual magazines. I noticed a new one called Pink. Its aimed at women professionals and women business owners. It has some interesting articles.
A tip a picked up to try (nothing to do with business) is when plucking eyebrows put a bit of Oragel or Anbesol on the eyebrows to dull the pain and prevent those nasty red bumps. It also advises to use when you get a blister from those new shoes or when picking out a splinter!! I'm going to give that a try!!
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I always get blisters and have a handy supply of Anbesol (with Kevin around). I'll give it a try - thanks for the info!
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I've used Oragel to pluck my eyebrows for years. (My cousin taught me that trick ages ago.) It really does work...and it makes the hairs pluck out a little easier. I'll have to check out that magazine...sounds interesting.
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I'm going to have to try that Orajel thing, for sure!

That sounds like a really interesting magazine, I might have to look around for it!
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Ooh! I have to do my eyebrows today! I'll try it!
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Well, I tried Anbesol while plucking my eyebrows, and it didn't work! I guess it has to hurt to be beautiful!
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