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Curious kitties

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Anyone else have a cat who is obnoxiously curious?

Normally when people come over Xavier has to check them out. Give them a through sniff over and sits on their lap. Now he's started going through the women's pocketbooks!! He digs in and sticks his head in and looks around. Now he's started going through the basket on the counter where I kept any important paper work.

I know cats are curious but he's extreme. If a door is closed to a room, he'll lay by the door and stick his paw underneath and cry untill you open the door for him. If you come home from shopping(not necessarily food shopping either) he'll dig in the bags. The other day Brian bought a new pair of shoes and before he could open the box Xavier was already there digging at the box trying to open it.
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My kitties have a thing with digging in the bags when I bring something home too. :LOL: I think they need to satisfy their curiousity. They also like to stick their paw in my purse and they like to lay through the straps of my purse. Its so funny and cute. My kitties also cry too and stick their arm under the door if they want to get in and they won't stop until you come and let them in.
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Trent is our overly curious one. He has to check out whatever bags we bring home. He is also our official food and drink inspector. He generally doesn't want to eat or drink what we are having (with the exception of milk, of course! ) but he HAS to see what it is. He will climb up our legs and cry if we don't let him smell it. Luckily, we don't have dinner guests too often. I'm sure they wouldn't understand that Trent has to smell their food before they eat it!
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This may sound really weird, but Ivo has to smell my breath. In the morning, when she jumps into bed with me, she first comes to my head and sniffs around my mouth and nose. After I eat, and sit on the couch, she will get up on the couch, reach up my shoulder and sniff. She isn't really interested in food, just what it smells like in my mouth. :confused2
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okeefeci, I had never heard of a cat wanting to smell their owner's breath, and I have had a lot of cats. But I have one too! The other day I opened my mouth really wide to see what he'd do. Sure enough he put his muzzle in (without touching my lips) looked around, sniffed, and then just looked at me as if he knew something important! I didn't post it because it was so strange! I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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I think that maybe Ivo thinks my (stinky) breath is my marking scent if that makes sense. She'll often do the phlemen (right spelling?) move, where she peels her lips back over her teeth and "smells" through her mouth.

When I come home from work, I always take 5 or 10 minutes to give Ivo loving, but then I usually rush around taking care of everything else. When I'm ready to sit down and relax, I'll have a beer while I watch the news. Ivo also sniffs me then. She must think "Oh, she smells like THAT now. I don't have to be afraid that she'll step on me."

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Mitzi likes to smell your breath after you've eaten something. She can be very annoying about this. She'll sit behind you on the couch and purr in your ear then- BAM- she shoves her face in your mouth. I guess she must think there's still food in there.
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:LOL: Merlin is a breath smeller, too!
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This sounds like my cat Soltie, every bag (paper, plastic, purse) has to be inspected thoroughly. As far as closed doors, they drive her crazy. She will sit outside of them and cry. My closets and laundry room have folding doors and there is no keeping them shut. She takes her paw and opens them from the bottom and then has to inspect everything in the closet. Now mind you, you would think that she would finally learn that not much has changed in the closet from the last time she was in there.

I had to child proof my kitchen and bathroom cabinets to keep her out of them. One day I was setting in the kitchen reading the paper and the cabinet door over the :censor::censor::censor::censor: opened up, now it scared me at first, but then this little head popped out and it was Soltie.

The old say "curiosity killed the cat" can't be true or she would already be dead. I call her "Nosy Rosy."
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I laughed until I cried!

My cats are curious about cabinets. Every time I open a cabinet, the fridge, a closet, anything with a door, at least one of the cats has to inspect it. Sparky climbs into cabinets, Fred likes the pantry closet, Blackie is only interested in places where the bottom of it is covered with something (bottles of cleaner in the cabinet, shoes on the floor).

They like to play with each other by poking their paws underneath doors.

Blackie sniffs all the bags that come into the house, but he doesn't dig in them. Sparky sometimes digs in them, but only after they're empty. Sparky also is convinced we are hiding something in the toe of our shoes, and will poke his head as far as possible into them to check it out.

Oh, I almost forgot. My mom had a cat named Sam, who was a breath smeller. They finally realized it was toothpaste and peppermint that he liked best.
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Fred has to check out everything and everybody that comes to the house. It's all for him, and all our visitors are to see him. Georgia likes to look in my mouth. She seems fascinated by the barbell in my tongue.
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Noah is the curious one in our house!! He HAS to be right up in everyone's face to check out what's going on! Cleo could care less!! Noah looks through open bags, he is the first one to run to the door when someone's there, and he has to smell everything hundreds of times over. It's cute...
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Merlin is known in our house as "the evil one". He is into everything and loves to greet anyone who comes over. Excalibur has a thing for closets and Pepperpot is a pickpocket - she steals my mother in laws wallet out of her purse (MIL has a rubber band on the wallet).
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