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Alternative to e-collars?

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Ok i have this dilema, both of my cats are in e collars right now. I have to keep it on them when im not home and anytime they are relaxing. My one cat Amir has had his for about 3 weeks now and Mazi has had his for about an week. The reason for the collars is because after a week of Amir being here with us he started sucking his brothers nipple, ok called vet and they said separate them for 2-3wks, 1st night of seperation Amir started sucking on HIMSELF because Mazi wasnt in the room. He would suck until his nipple was raw and bloody so i got bitter apple and bitter yuck, they only worked for a few hrs then he got use to the taste, so off to the store for a e collar. Well about 2 weeks ago Mazi started sucking Amir's nipple(peer pressure i guess) so ive been trying to get him to stop bc now Amir has double sucking action going on, and is extra raw . So off to the store to get Mazi an e collar.

Ok on with the question, Amir started to have a rash on the back of his neck last week, vet tech said make sure the hair dont fall out, the rash is drying up now with no hair coming out. But now his chin is becoming irritated. I believe hes allergic to the plastic of the e collars

So whats a alternative for this situation? Because after 3-4wks of a e collar hes still sucking non-stop whenever i take it off

Help please!!! lol Im losing my mind over here
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Look into cervical collars- they work similarly yet do not come in contact with the head.
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The cervical collar isn't going to stop them sucking on each other.

Something you can try to stop then sucking on themselves is a soft E-collar: http://www.bonafido.com/page6.html .

As for them sucking on each other, separation is really the only thing you can do.
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Just to add, something that is a bit 'out there' but worth a try is socks. Find some socks that you can snip the toes from and slip around both cat's middles, so the nipples are covered up and the sock is firm (not too tight) but the cats can still move their legs.
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Ok with the seperation, how is the one cat gonna stop sucking himself? Now that he sucks himself he really doesnt go after his brother anymore bc he knows he has his own nipples

I just hate them wearing these things, makes them look all wobbly and clumsy lol

P.S. ive tried the sock thing, guess it was the wrong size bc they wouldnt even let me put it on them, then when i finally got one on, he couldnt walk, or acted that way lol
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LOL, it may take a couple of hours for them to get used to it. Maybe you could try dog coats?

This is what I had in mind. His name is Cupid and the member who took the pic is Purr:

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They won't be able to suck on themselves using the soft E-collars I don't think? Maybe you could do a trial run using a circle of cardboard?

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I tried the T-shirt thing lol, he just moved it out the way lol, he sucks the 2 lower nipples, I think i might have to try the soft-collars, they look more comfortable than the reg ones they have now
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