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The 'Jasmine Louise' Thread 02

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I have decided to start a new thread as the other one was getting quite long. The link to the previous thread is

This is the last comment from the last thread and I must say that we are sooooo proud to have Jasmine unofficially adopted by everyone
Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
I've just had a long browse through this thread....Danielle you must be stoked at how Jas seems to have been unofficially adopted by everyone here! The official TCS mascot!!
Sorry I am a bit late updating this thread but I havent been able to access TCS for 5 days (yes its been a struggle) but finally it looks like its all sorted out once again (fingers crossed)

Jasmine turned 6 months old last Sunday 12th March - someone tell me where the past 6 months have gone?

She is still the happy girl that she always has, still sleeping well and is always smiling. Its a wonderful age because every day she discovers something new that she can do and her laughs just melt my heart

so do you want some photos? hehe

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Danielle she just looks so happy everytime you show us new pics. I am in love
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I've never seen a baby smile so much

Oh boy is this little girl going to have the boys fighting over her when she gets older
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Originally Posted by huggles

What a beautiful smile! She's an angel!
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Look at those eyes!! What a sweetheart!
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Jasmine is certainly growing up isn't she?!

I don't think I've seen such a beautiful smile and wonderful smiling eyes!

Jasmine is definitely going to be a looker, just like her Mummy!
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Aww what a little cutie! You must be so proud!
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Oh momma Dan..........what a doll.........she could do commercials!
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Gotta love the curled up toes! (Same goes for kitty toes. )
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I love, love, love the one of her in the towel! She gets more beautiful every day!
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She just gets more adorable with every picture - such gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile!
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She is so adorable!!!, I agree with Susie, she could do commercials!!
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She looks so happy all the time!

What a beautiful daughter you have, you must be so proud!
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Look at those toes!!!!! They are so kissable!! I always loved my boys toes when they were babies!!!
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She is getting so big!!!!
And such a smiley little girl too.
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What a wonderful smile! You must be so in love with her Danielle, she's just a total sweetheart.
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thankyou so much everyone
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Jasmine, you're so very adorable!
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Goody! A Jasmine fix! She's such a sweetie, Dan, and she just gets more beautiful!
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Jasmine sends kisses to everyone for all your kind words

I hope you dont get tired of these photos but here are some I took today (remember that new camera of mine ) and Susan told me I HAD to post them now and not wait until the 12th of next month

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I'm glad to see you're making jolly good use of your new camera, Danielle!

....and yes, do post as soon as you get pictures!

Fantastic new pictures, too! Jasmine looks like she's trying to explain to you what her toys do!

Definitely a cutie!
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I know everyone tells you this
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Yeeessshhhhh, her cuteness ought to be against the law or something!
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I love the new ones. Jasmine looks like such a happy baby!
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I love that second photo. Yes, Jasmine is a very happy baby because she has a mum who she can laugh at all day !
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Oh I love the new pics! Beautiful doesn't do her justice! She's so funny you can tell she has character already. She's like Rosie! always got her mouth open to show us that gorgeous smile that just melts your heart
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She's gorgeous, of course. And what a busy girl! I just love this age....when the look is just right, you can see a glimpse of the child she'll become. Have you seen it? Because I think I can, in those pictures of her playing on the floor. Especially the one where she's concentrating hard on the task at hand. She'll be a heartbreaker.....sorry, Daddy, better invest in a porch swing and a baseball bat lol
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WHat a little doll baby
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Jasmine is 6 months old already?
Danielle...your daughter lights up the world with her brilliant smile.
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Oh my goodness... How is it possible that Jasmine gets more beautiful and adorable everytime you post her pictures??!!
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