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Sam's Neuter Not Going Well

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Hi Everybody,

Sam, my boxer/beagle, was neutered at the Humane Society Saturday. It only cost $20 and the vets around here were going to charge $115. Well anyways, after we picked him up, on the car ride home he threw up. When we got home we watched him for the first couple of hours to make sure he didn't lick at it and then we put him in his freshly cleaned kennel with a new carpet square for the night. Well the next morning (7:00 a.m.) I checked his sutures and he had pulled out all but one of them!!!! First thing we did was call the Humane Society emergency spay/neuter number and we had to leave a message. We waited until 3:00 p.m. and no one returned are call; I even tried calling them back but I couldn't get a live person! So we went to PetsMart and got an EZ collar so he couldn't mess with it any further and we bought an enclosure pen to keep him safe and calm. Then we thought we better call the emergency vet to make sure we don't need to do anything further. They said we didn't need to bring him in, but that we needed to check with our vet first thing in the morning. Well I checked the incision again before I called the vet this morning and he had some discharge. So, I called the vet and they said I needed to bring him in a.s.a.p. because he probably needs to be resutured and put on atibiotics to prevent an internal infection. So I took him in and should be getting a call fron them within the hour to find out exactly what needs to be done. So, what was supposed to be a $20 neuter is turning out to be $300!!!
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Poor doggy. I'm sorry that things aren't going well. You should talk with the person who did the surgery and see if you can find out what might have happened.
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Ouch! But, what are are you gonna do? You have to take care of them. Poor Sam!
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You know this sort of thing happens all the time. I can't even begin to tell you how many neuters turn out like Sam's did. I think that the surgery should come with a free e-collar incase it's needed.

Poor Sam, I hope he feels better soon.

BTW what's a Boxer/beagle cross look like? Now I'm curious.
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Thanks you guys! I'm anxiously waiting for the call, should be getting it any minute now.

As to the boxer/beagle question: he looks like a miniature boxer (coloring, build, etc). except that his nose is just a tad bit longer (not so smushed). He weighs 50 lbs. We found him when he was 5 mos. and whoever had him had his tail cut. Everyone who see's him says "Oh I know he's boxer but what else?"
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Just got the call from the vet He said that since it's just been two days that Sams really needs to be re-sutured (am I spelling this right?). He said he is going to do it with surgical steel?????? I'm guessing this is staples. Jessica, do you know what this is? He said he's doing it in case Sam gets the collar off and gets to the stitches again and yes he said that he want's the collar to be on him until the stitches come out (10 days). My poor little baby!!!!
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Well if he said steel then he's most likely talking about steel sutures. They're used for the persistant critters who can't keep regular sutures in. You'll have to bring Sam back once it's healed to have them removed.

Sometimes they will use staples but they are not as effective as the steel.
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The Humane Society could have charged you a few dollars more and given you a collar! That makes me mad. I would call them and let them know what happened and what it cost you altogether. Perhaps they'll change their policy, and you will have helped future patients. I feel so bad for you.
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Please don't blame the Humane Society. They are a non-profit organization that does a lot for animals, including providing low cost sterilizations and microchipping. Interesting though, sfell, how did you get an appt there? Generally they don't do surgical procedures for the public, at least here.

Honestly it should be the owners job to make sure he doesn't pull out the stitches. I'd have been irritated if when I went in, they charged me more for a collar. I didn't want or need a special collar, that's why I didn't buy one.

I hope Sam feels better soon. I always wonder why animals would pull stitches out. Doesn't the first one hurt enough to stop them?
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They do sterilization procedures here in Utah too(The Humane Society). That is where Rascal got neutered! Funny thouhgh, I called and they told me that it was going to cost $32.00. When I went in with the check all made out, they told me that they had a special and it only cost $19.95. So, I ended up paying for the neuter, a rabies vaccine, and the rest I donated to the shelter.
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Oh, I don't blame the Humane Society; I was a little frustrated that they didn't return my call but there are so many things that could of happened that prevented someone from getting the message. Sam is just one of those animals that can't do anything the simple, ordinary way

Here in Houston there are a lot of low income families that need veterinary assistance at a low cost. The Houston Humane Society provides all veterinary services at a very low cost. When I found out that my vet charges $115 for neutering (as well as another area vet) and since I was a little low on funds, I figured I would get an appointment for Sam there since a girl I worked with did that for her dog and it worked out great for her.

We watched Sam for the first couple of hours that we were home and he wasn't bothering it at all. Well, then it was time for bed so we gave him his pain medication (which we were told that if he wasn't in pain then he wouldn't mess with it). When we checked on him in the morning (7:00 a.m.) he had pulled out all but one stitch. I have grown up with animals and not once has one of them pulled out their stitches before everything was healed (the cats pulled them out the day before they were to be removed; I guess since it was healed it was itching them). I guess since Sam wasn't in any pain, him messing with it didn't bother him. I did everything the Humane Society told me to, I guess they just can't prepare you for dogs like my baby Sam.

The clinic called a couple of minutes ago and Sam is out of surgery and already standing, $225 later (this includes everything from the Humane Society, collar and enclosure, and now). Thank God I just happen to have the money right now, I just can't get a mother's day present or a graduation present for my best friend. Anyways, they had to re-open the incision to make sure it healed properly; I have no clue why it would work this way, but oh well.

Jessica, thanks for the explanation of steel stitches and thank you all for your kind words and concern!
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Sutures itch!! and dogs seem to like to lick their wounds no matter how painful they are. We've had dogs come in with broken legs and all the want to do is lick them. Ouch!!

After my dog had a cyst taken out of her under a local anesthetic she kept licking and licking. It was a good thing the doctor used surgical glue instead of suture because she would have had them out.

sfell, I'm glad to hear Sam is doing well. Hopefully everything will be fine and you won't have to worry about him hurting himself.
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This is only with dogs, right? I mean, when my little boy kitty went to the Humane Society and was neutered, he didn't have any stitches. Is that because he was so young and small (7 weeks) or is it that way in all cats? I've never had a boy animal before, and wow, that was a lot simpler than a spay!

Glad to hear Sam is okay. Too bad he'll never understand what that cost you! Don't you just wish they could know sometimes?

The Humane Society here does not deal with the public. The only reason my little boy got in there is because he was at the pound, and they were going to have him done there, but I wanted to take him home first. Most vets, including the pound's vets aren't accustomed to doing sterilizations so young, but the Humane Society is. Anyways, at least here, its almost impossible to get through to the surgery area there on the phone. Next time try calling the adoption area and letting them know there is an emergency.
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Castrating a dog is a lot different than castrating a cat. With a dog the incision is made above the testicles where in a cat the incision is made right between the testicles. With cats the sutures are inside and none are placed on the outside but a dog has sutures on the inside and outside.

Sorry boys!
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Poor Sam. Sending some get well wishes for him
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Thank you Debra, I can't wait to pick him up and see how he is doing!

You guys are so great, thanks for letting me vent abou this.
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I'm so sorry to hear about what you and Sam have been going through.
I sure hope he is feeling better soon!
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Poor little Sammy! He's going to be so unhappy in that collar, but it's for the best. I'm sorry this has been such a trial for you!

We had a greyhound when I was a teenager. He loved to run, of course, but he didn't stop well. He would stretch out his front legs in front of him and tuck his behind under as if to sit down and just slide to a stop. One day he skidded under a car, and shredded his front legs trying to back out. We had an amazing vet who sutured it all, like a puzzle, like patchwork, and it healed beautifully. But had to wear the collar - we called it his lampshade - for several weeks to keep from pulling the stitches or licking off the new skin growth. The vet actually stapled it shut around his head so he wouldn't pull it off. He was so happy when it was removed!
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Any updates on Sam today? I hope everything is going good for him today. Poor little guy! (We would love to see pics of him, too, if at all possible! )
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You people are the best He has to stay in his enclosure pin at all times, except for potty breaks, to keep his scrotum from swelling and he seems to be adjusting to the collar really well. Other than that he is his usual wiggly self.

I would love to post pics of him but I don't have any pictures of him, just video. I'm horrible about taking pictures. I have film of my other dog that I haven't even gotten developed. I have tons of pictures of my kitties but I don't have a scanner and I haven't taken the time to have them put of disc. What all is involved for having photos put on a cd?
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Sabra - I am so glad Sam is better - hopefully everything heals quickly!
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I'm glad to hear that he is doing better. Keep us updated.
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Sam's doing well, too well actually :tounge2: At 2:30 this morning I woke up to this loud crash, followed by Sam waddling up to the bedroom door. So I jumped up and of course there he was at the door and just oh so happy to see me (his whole back end wags back and forth when he is happy). When I get to the living room I see his enclosure pin folded up and resting against the coffee table. I have no clue how in the world he did that, especially with the ecollar, but he was okay. So, I let him out to take care of business and I got to thinking that since he had to go he must have just needed to get his mommy to let him outside

Afterward I set the pin up again and put him in there and when I got up later he was still in his pin.
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It's good to hear he feels better!
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