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Tribute to Tommy

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It's been almost two years that you have been at the rainbow bridge. I miss you very much. You had a rough beginning to your life, Your breeder passed away, and you were put on a plane to Colorado. You went to a home that had way to many cats, and you were rescued by another breeder. The very first time I laid eyes on you I fell in love!!! I took you home, and it took awhile for you to trust again, but when you finally came out of your shell what a love you were. You were only 5 years old when you passed on to the bridge and it broke my heart. I miss you Tommy, and I will never forget you! You taught me what kitty kisses were all about!! Rest in peace my sweet little abby cat. Until we meet again...

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what a beautiful tribute to Tommy

RIP darlin
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Awwwww Tommy what a gorgeous little boy you are I'm sure in your time over the bridge you've made lots of friends.

Play happily sweetie
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Tommy was such a handsome boy. Your tribute was beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet guy.
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Beautiful tribute to your handsome boy.
You are deeply loved Tommy.
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What a beautiful kitty, and how sad to lose him so young. Even though he had a hard start in life, he knows how much he was loved by you.

Rest in peace, Tommy.
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That was such a sweet tribute it brought tears to my eyes...
What a beautiful kitty Tommy was-
you were so lucky to have each other...
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RIP Tommy pretty baby
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What a lovely tribute to a gorgeous boy!
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What a fortunate cat he was to have someone who loves him so much. Rest in peace Tommy.
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