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My cat and her toy

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When I came home from class tonight, I found the skeleton of my cat's toy mouse (plastic piece with its head attached). I found a felt ear in my bedroom, but the rest of the toy remains unfound. I think my kitty may've eaten part of her cat toy, but I'm not sure. This would have been the fur covering the toy. I can't believe that she would eat it whole, but I can't find it anywhere. She seems perfectly fine - I gave her a snack, and she ate it - no vomiting or anything. This sounds like a dumb question, but if she had eaten it, wouldn't she show signs of digestive upset? I don't want to run her to the vet if there is no way to know that she ate the toy. She doesn't have one in the city - he's an hour away. I can prolly reach him if neccessary, but I don't know if I'm making too big a deal of this?? I mean, there are many places she could've hid the toy. If she did eat it, what could a vet do? Wouldn't it be too late at this point? I have heard of animals swallowing strange objects, and they just come out the other end. I guess I'm just cautious because I've never had this happen, and I'm hoping some other pet owners maybe had something like this happen with their animal...
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Our cat has eaten things before, not too often, but there has been little yarn tails from mice and even a longer string that she got in to while we were out. We were very worried about the string because it could get tangled in her intestines, but like you we didn't *really* know if she ate it.

I know nothing about the toy she ate, but in my humble opinion, if it was small enough, hard but not sharp bits, I would wait for it to pass in a day or two. If no signs of sickness show, I wouldn't worry.

Maybe I'm a bad kitty mommy, but it is so hard to know. And if she's showing no symptoms, all the vet could do would be to run expensive x-rays. Now don't get me wrong, at the first sign of trouble I would be in the vet's office and paying out the nose for anything, but if there is NO sign of trouble whatsoever, I wouldn't worry. But monitor her closely and make sure she's eating, drinking, peeing and pooping. If there's any vomiting or coughing or anything abnormal, rush her in to the vet.
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Cats eat fur all the time and their tummy's are geared to handle it. I wouldn't worry too much unless she is acting distressed. there is a very good chance it is under the couch or stove! LOL
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