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Update-Ms. Angie & worried grandma 2b

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The babies are moving like crazy and our girl is absolutly huge. She looks so uncomfy and is always coming to me for a belly rub which I enjoy too because I get to feel the babies! We are thinking that it wont be long. We have changed our mind about the bedding for the kittens as we cant seem to keep our other cats and our two large breed pups from going into her little castle bed. We are going to take a dog crate and fix it to where Ms. Angie is the only one with access! That way we can also keep the kittens confined... way too many places for babies to get lost in our place. She likes going in the dog crates anyway so I am sure she will not have a problem with it. I am going to be buying some baby supplies this weekend including the fixins for rice sock heaters and baby kitten bottles just incase. And of course extra camera batteries! I am really starting to get just as nervous as I am excited!

By the way! I was going to say in the last month or so Angie herself seems to have gone through a growth spurt. We are thinking it is because she has been on kitten food and is still growing a bit herself. She has more than caught up with her sister Stormy in size. That really takes a major worry off my shoulders. I was concerned as she was the smallest of her litter that she would have problems.

I have a list of things that I am going to have ready. If there is anything else I should have on hand please let me know!

Extra sheets and bedding
Kitten Milk Replacement and bottle (just incase)
Rice sock heaters
Number to the emergency vet (although I hate that one in particular it is the only one in a good distance from us.)

ok...ok I will stop biting my nails in front of you guys!
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If I might add a couple of things to your list of stuff to have on hand ...

A scale that weighs in ounces/grams
A little notebook to journal growth and development

It sounds like you have just about everything in place and are ready to go.

Oh, you might also want to have your favorite tea or flavored coffee at the ready in case she decided to deliver at oh-gosh-thirty in the morning and it ends up being a long night. *grin*
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Oh yeah a scale! I read about that but I forgot to list it... thanks. Do you happen to know about how much they cost? No biggy if you don't... we are going to wally mart tonight.
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I got mine for a song because the box was missing so they put it on the clearance rack ... but even at full price, I think it was less than $15.
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