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kitten ?'s

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When do kittens actually gain eye sight?
When can kittens hear?
When do kittens get there retractable claws?
When can kittens go potty on their own?

Sorry about all the questions but I wanted to know because we have a 13 day old kitten that has just opened his eyes 2 days ago but from what I have heard he can not see yet.
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I'd put out a litterbox at about 4 weeks of age, it can be 4 to 5 weeks approximately, as far as I've heard and experienced.

Is the kitten with it's mother or is it orphaned? If it's with it's mother, she'll teach it. If not, what I would do is after you put the box out and if (and he will) play in it, go over and dig a little so he should get the message. Eventually he'll use it.

I remember when my Rocky used it for the first time. He was one of a litter of 5, and he was the first to go potty in the litterbox. They had been playing and digging in it for days, and one night he went over, enthusiastically dug out about 6 or 7 holes (litter was flying everywhere) and suddenly sat down and peed!

I got so excited I started doing the "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" chant, and that got him so excited he rolled over on his back in the litter and started kicking his legs all around.

Within a day or two they were all using the box, and that was about 4 1/2 to 5 weeks if I remember.

I also think they can see as soon as they open their eyes.

The others I'm not sure about, but I do think if he's opened his eyes, he should be hearing also by now.

Enjoy your baby!
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