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Question for those with toddlers

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What would the chances be in a family of 8 children, where in the last year, three of these children sustained burns to parts of their body to the 3rd degree? The story on this last one is that the 3 year old put his palms down on a hot stove, sustaining third degree burns before he moved his hands? Don't even small children when they touch something hot, automatically take their hands away from the pain? First it was the 6 year old girl to her arm, then the 6 month old baby and now the three year old? Something does not quite add up, though I don't have small kids which is why I am asking here about it?
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If this is happening to someone you know, I would contact whatever Child Protection Agency is in your area immediately. Calls can be anonymous. Sounds extremely fishy to me. Neither of my kids have ever had 3rd degree burns.
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Well, my very biased perspective........

My sister supposedly burned herself when she was two years old by turning the hot water on herself.

The only thing is, the burn was on her back.

It would be extremely hard for a two-year old to even turn the water on without help (and what was she doing in the bathtub by herself?) but then to twirl around and stick her back under the running water? And sustain a 3rd degree burn?

All four of us kids were abused physically, mentally and emotionally. The two of us that are still alive and speaking to my monster - oops, excuse me, mother - are still undergoing the mental and emotional abuse. I guess they're still seeking that approval they will never get.

Unfortunately for us, in the 60's and 70's child abuse was never acknowledged socially. All my relatives on my monster's side - oh, there I go again! - tried to contact any authority figure they could think of to get us taken away from our parents but no one would even listen (it's not our business, parents can raise their kids however they want, etc.). My father was kept largely in the dark by the fact that he was in the military and away from home for long stretches at a time.

Although these days society may have gone to the other extreme, I fully believe when a child is truly abused/neglected, every step should be taken to bring it to the authority's attention. Please do what you can to keep another kid from being ruined.
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I used to date a guy who was the oldest of 3 boys. His dad told me that one summer:

- one boy jumped off the roof with a blanket tied around his neck because his brothers convinced him he could fly like Superman

- another boy chased his brother through the house, slipped in the kitchen, and fell into the open dishwasher in such a way that he got a steak knife in the meaty part of his hiney

- the third boy chased the same brother (must have been the instigator) through the house, brother in front closed the sliding glass door but the chaser did not notice and ran through the glass

- one of them made a bike ramp and another break his arm jumping it and landing on a rock

Plus the usual assorted bee stings, dog bites, bruises from falling out the tree, knee scrapes, tumbles into the pond, etc.

The doctor at the ER finally took the dad aside and asked if he was under a lot of stress. Of course he was offended, and since his wife was a nurse at that hospital they checked with her, and let him go (back in the 70s, too). So sometimes it looks bad, but it really isn't.

Anyway, odds are something's going on, better to report it than to kick yourself if a tragedy occurs later.
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Yes, i think I would report it too! And Cooie, I am so sorry to hear about what you went through as a child...that is awful!!!!
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Hissy, report it. That sounds suspicious to me. My children have never gotten burnt. And I do home daycare, and I've NEVER had a child be burnt on anything. It could be a case of neglect, what I mean is the kids are in fact having an "accident" but its in a situation where they should be supervised better.

And so, even if it was an accident, DSS will just check it out and then rule it as an accident. Its always better to be safe than sorry.
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DEFINITLEY REPORT IT! This sounds way too suspicious. I mean, how does a 6 month old burn itself??? Did he/she jump out of his/her baby seat and touch the stove or something?!? I think that something has to be going on for 3 of the children to get burned within the same year. My dad used to verbally and physically abuse my brother and sisters and I and my mom and we got DCFS involved and he was escorted out of our house by the sherrif one time. Even if it is nothing, it is better to be safe than sorry. There is always someone out there who will listen to you.
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About 10 years ago, my mom got my brother's 4 kids, after my sister-in-law lost custody. Three of the kids had identical burns, on the same spot, on their arms. Vicky's story was that they "accidentally" touched the curling iron. Bull@#$%! When little kids get burned on curling irons, its on the palms of their hands, because they grab it. Besides - THREE kids, ALL burned in the same place? I know that kids get hurt, but this is ridiculous!
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Something isn't right there. Older kids, especially boys, may rough house and get hurt. My dad has some stories about stuff he and his 4 brothers did that his parents would be arrested for now (he hit himself in the head with a hammer while bouncing the hammer off a tractor tire, they shot his younger brother in the behind with a BB gun to "see if the BB would go through a hankerchief" - typical farm boys!) Burns are another matter altogether, especially on children so young. A 6 month old does not get 3rd degree burns unless it is abused or neglected. And you are correct, it is an involuntary reaction to remove your hand from something hot, no matter what age.
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When I was 3 years old I did the "reach up and touch the burner thing" but this was with a gas stove. I pulled my hand back so fast and screamed. My mom grabbed me and took me strait to the sink and put my hand under the cold faucet for what seemed like forever. I didn't have to go to the hospital but I do think it ended up blistering. I would definitely make a call because a child reaching for a burner would not get 3rd degree burns; in my opinion, having done it myself I would imagine I would have had to left my hand on longer to get 3rd degree.
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I would defentaly report it. It sounds very suspicious to me, especially with the 6 month old. He or she is barely learning how to crawl. How did he end up near the stove? No, report it. Let us know what happens, please!
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Please Hissy, get help. Kids can't get help for themselves.
Those burns sound very fishy.

Childhelp USA®
National Child Abuse Hotline

Each day in the United States, more than 3 children die as a result of child abuse in the home.

In 1999, an estimated 1,100 children died of abuse and neglect—an average of more than 3 children per day. (Victims known to child protective services agencies, which track abuse and neglect in the home.) 1

Most of the children who die are younger than six years of age.

Of these fatalities, 86 percent were under the age of six; 42.6 percent of the children were under the age of one. 1

More children (age four and younger) die from child abuse and neglect than any other single, leading cause of death for infants and young children.

This includes falls, choking on food, suffocation, drowning, residential fires, and motor vehicle accidents. 2

Maltreatment deaths were more often associated with neglect (38.2%) than with any other type of abuse. 1

Nine in 10 Americans polled regard child abuse as a serious problem, yet only 1 in 3 reported abuse when confronted with an actual situation. 4
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As a parent of young children, I would say report it. I've never (knock on wood) had my kids get burned, and to have three with 3rd degree just has to be more than just coincidence. Even if there is not outright abuse, there must be some neglect for these things to have happened. I can't even imagine a child leaving his/her hands on the stove long enough to get 3rd degree burns; plus, the parent needs to be supervising at all times if the stove is even on. And 6 months old is just a BABY! They're not even crawling by then (most of them anyway). How could a baby get to something so hot to burn itself. Call right away Hissy. Those poor kids sound like they're in trouble.
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It has been reported. Supposedly the baby crawled into a metal strip by the front door that had been baking in the hot sun, causing the burns.....that was the story anyway.
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The only child with third degree burns that I know of was about 3-4 yrs. old. He pulled the handle of a pot of spagetti sauce with meat. He sustained 2d. and 3d. degree burns on his neck and chest. I know there is abuse in the system, but I don't think you have a choice, Hissy. The CYS will talk to the parents and the children. If they think there's no abuse, the parents have gone through some stress, but if there is abuse, the children will be saved from future torture.
I would have believed Sunlion's friend's story! That sounds like something boys would do. My nephew used to say ,"I was talking to God today.....", and my sister believed him! He had so many close calls it's a miracle he grew up!
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I can't imagine a strip of metal getting hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns just from sunlight . . .
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Well I had a toodler. But I haven't read everything in this thread.

How long does it take to get 3rd degree burns, but a second right? Or do you need to be exposed to that heat for like 30 seconds?
Or does it depend on the temperature of the burning object?

I poured a large pot of boiling water all over my left hand a few years back.. took me a few seconds to realize what I had done and to stop. But I most certaintly didn't get 3rd degree burns!
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An approximate one-second exposure to 160° F water will result in third degree burns. Where the water is 130° F, an approximate half-minute exposure will result in third degree burns. An approximate ten minute expsoure to water heated to 120° temperature can result in third degree burns. Water at a temperature of 110° F results in third degree burns in approximately ten hours.
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Wow, how do you know that? LOL
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
Wow, how do you know that? LOL
Google is my best friend.
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