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Tidy Cats Scoop Crystals Blend

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I need to buy litter this weekend and I was wandering if any of you have bought Tidy Cats Scoop Crystals Blend, I would like to read your comments.
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My daughter has used it, but I don't because my cats & I don't like the scented litters (activates my asthma). I was using the Safeway brand of crystal litter blended with Unscented Arm&Hammer Scooping in half of the boxes (I keep 7 boxes for 5 cats) and the rest get Unscented JonnyCat with some crystals added. The combination works well, but the latest rage seems to be using chicken feed. I tried the Krumbles (aka Krackettes), but my cats seemed to recognize it as the hens' feed. SO, I bought some laying mash ($7.95 for 50lbs., no tax, since I have laying hens & it presumably would be for them) and made a blend of mash with some crystals (about 2 cups worth) & some unscented clumping litter & VOILA! A Big Success!
My daughter's cat does like the Crystals Blend just fine, for the record; I think that the cat is used to strong scents, though.
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I buy this once in awhile. I think it's probably the least dusty of my favorite litters- fresh step, tidy cats and arm & hammer, but of the three I think tidy cats doesn't clump as well. It's pretty good as far as smell, too. It is a bit more expensive then the other tidy cats clumpables, but once in awhile you will find that it goes on sale at the same price as the rest of the tidy cats at the grocery store, but you need to act fast b/c at my store it gets scooped right up.
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I don't care at all for the crystals, nor for the brand in question. Sierra, Serenity, and I extra super strongly recommend Arm & Hammer Super Scoop! We prefer Fragrance Free. Give it a try, if you adore it like we do, you'll never, ever use another litter!
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Thank you all for your comments. We will give it a try, if I find it. hehehe
Time ago I bought Arm & Hammer but Andy didn’t like it, I think the smell. He used to cry as walking out of the toilet.
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I used to use it ... all the natural alternatives to clay I liked them all better ... I am going back to chn feed ... it is cheap and good..
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we've used that one. but my cats prefer the tidy cats scoop in the red bucket. now we only use tidy cats in one box and dr elsey's precious cat ultra (unscented scoop) in the rest of the boxes.
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