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deaf cat update

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i wanted to let you all know the update on Bailey and her deafness... we have another appointment in 2 weeks... but so far it seams like she is getting back to her old self... she seans to be able to hear some.. her ears dont move much to sound but i think she is feeling the vibrations on the floor... the noise has to be really load for her to re act... she is doing so much better than before... we are almost finished with the predosone.. this is her last week on it... i am taking her to a new vet though... the last vet looked at her one last time and said that once the medicine was done she would be good... she couldnt give me any advice on the loss of hearing except that she was just ignoring me... which i believe is still a lie to an extent... so... i will updaate you all when we have our appointment again... but as it looks... bailey is doing good... thanks again for all your concerns...
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Hmmm...I think I could tell the difference. My cat, when he ignores me, gives me an irritated look and goes back to sleep. I guess if he were deaf, he wouldn't respond unless he could feel the sound through vibrations. Well, however it works out, I'm sure your kitty can still live a very happy life. Best wishes!
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Great!! I'm so glad to hear she's doing better. Bailey is a lucky girl to be loved by someone like you.

Just a quick question, had you tried shaking her food to see if she could hear it? I don't think any cat that could hear would ignore that sound.
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ill try the food shaking thing... shes in the other room right now... ill see if it works... thanks for the tip...
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ok... i tried the food thing... she came running after i got about a foot from her head..... maybe its just all in my head... i give up... all i know is that she isnt the same as she used to be...
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So happy to hear she is doing better!!! She is a lucky kitty!!
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