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Something strange happened

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Out of the blue I see our 6 month jet out from under the chair I am sitting, go to her litter box and jump straight up in the air. then she takes off upstairs. The chair is kinda busted so I am worried when I sat down in it I essentially sat on her so I go and try to check her out.

She looks petrified, I tried to pick her up to check her out to see if she is in pain but she freaks and does another vertical jump. then slinks around for a while. Eventually she gets on the bed and lays there for a while sleeping and all of a sudden does another vertical jump (looks like a fish jumping). At that point we decide she needs to see the vet.

We get her to the vet and she doesn't appear to be in any pain and the vet does some neurological tests and she looks ok. they are think it could be seizures so we leave her overnight for observation. everything is good, she seems fine and comfortable today (my wife works at the hospital and used to take her to work while she was tiny, so she is used to it) so we bring her home and she is still slinking around and very jumpy.

she's done a total 180 personality wise, she just seems so scared. i took the chair out of the house a little while ago but now she just sits in our computer room.

we're thinking she got stuck under the chair (too big to really being going under it) and is just freaked out. but wondering anyone ever see or hear of anything like that happening? this started last evening.
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I don't know how big she is compared to the chair you think she might have gotten stuck under, but my 3 year old cat goes right on underneath the couch and it is 2 inches off the ground. She will stay under there and sleep for a long time. I think, if she couldn't fit, she wouldn't have gone under there. Cats are pretty good judges of space usually when it comes to whether or not they can fit.

good luck at the vet and I hope everything goes okay.
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Sometimes a sound, or even a sudden breeze can surprise a cat to the point that it looks like a panic attack. This is especially if the cat was sound asleep. Perhaps that's what happened when you "sat on her".
It's a scary reaction I agree. It has happened to my cats.
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