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play fighting

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I have had many cats and most of them are able to play fight with me easy as in they play fight but they never hurt me! HOWEVER my new kitten and me cannot play fight at all because after like 1 min she manages to actually cut my skin or make me bleed even tho shes just doing it cause shes playing shes way to rough with her claws. IS this normal for some cats to be just a bit to much to play fight with? I had many kittens and id always play wrestle with them sure i would get scrapes here and there but the pain she causes is wayyy to much!
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I mentioned this to someone earlier, you should check out the sticky thread. There are links to some articles and suggestions regarding certain behavior issues. I think your kitten just doesn't know exactly how hard he/she is playing. In the thread you might find a suggestion on how to deter him/her from playing so rough. I guess if he/she is always gonna play rough, you might invest in some real thick gloves! LOL.

Good luck
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well its not a big bother to me but i guess i am so use to play fighting with kittens that i was kinda suprised at how easy she was able to hurt me with her claws. I will just avoid play fighting with her all together. I have a HUGE EXTREMLY strong male cat that has always been so gentle when he play fights never ONCe hurt me so i guess its kinda suprising lol at night when she attacks me in my sleep she has been getting sprayed with the squirt bottle so hopefully shes learning sometimes she will dig her claws in my pants OUCH LOL oh well shes 10 months she will grow out ofg this soon im sure.

She tryies it with the older male cat but he sets her staight right away its like shes got to much respect for him to attack him yet she will attack me and other people LOL
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Trim her claws. You know she can hurt you so save yourself some pain.
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