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Cat Hair Tumbleweeds

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Now, I'm referring to those balls of cat hair that roll around on hardwood or tile floors and add copious amounts of fuel to the dust bunnys' fire.

With 3 cats and all hardwood floors, they're a little out of control for me this year. I do a complete sweep and mop twice a week, but I was wondering if there's a product out there that I can just do a quick once-over every day just to keep things under control. I was thinking a swiffer sweeper might work...I'd rather not buy something made by procter and gamble, though. But if it really works, I might just have to.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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They make little dust mops that I like. Its just a white rag type thing that goes over a flat surface (like a swiffer but different) that picks up dirt and dust really well. I will see what I can google for you!

Okay heres what I got!!
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I got a swiffer imitation at a dollar store, they also sell the refil cloths. Works great on my wood floors.
I have 7 cats, vaccuum twice a week and use the 'swiffer' every day.
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I use a swiffer for my two and their brilliant!
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Brush the cats more often?
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I use a swiffer for my two and their brilliant!
The swiffer does a great job! There are some imitation ones that you may prefer.
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Originally Posted by Cearbhaill
Brush the cats more often?
They are shorthairs, and I try to brush them every day with a flea comb. During shedding season, though, it's very difficult to keep up with them.

I'm off to look for an imitation Swiffer! Thanks for the ideas
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Gotta say my mom and i are both swiffer users, haha... cant lie, it works and it's fast... before swiffer though, my mom would use a little non-electric like push broom thing (God, I dont know what they're called, haha... it's kinda like a stick vac - wheels and has a bush in the bottom, then you pop open the dust resiviors on either side of the brush and dump in the trash... just not electric and real light weight - I've seen eateries use them while people are dining instead of a vacuum)... It works quite well on carpets and hard floors - I kinda stole it from my mom when I still lived in the dorms at school cuz I had both kinds of floors
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Do you mean a carpet sweeper?
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Yeah, I think so... haha - I know some people call vacuums "sweepers" so I guess I kinda dismissed using that word... I'll have to see if my mom's has any kind of name on it
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OK, since I had to go downstairs to clean out Ollie's free feeder and waterer, haha, I checked to see what was written on the carpet sweeper thing:
"Fuller Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper"

I'm guessing Fuller is the brand... no clue where she got it, as I remember pushing it around the house when I was like 3 (I'm almost 22, haha) You can probably find them at bed bath and beyond though....
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