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Sunday's DT

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Well I hope eveyone enjoyed their weekend. I was so glad yesterday that Brian's friend never stopped by. Big sigh of relief from me!! Thanks to you guys for your support through my mini mental break down.

Today I too my car to Sears because I thought I needed a new tire. It kept leaking air and I figured it had a puncture in it but I guess it was the valve stem. So while I waited the 4 hours it took them I went shopping in the mall. I got a few new outfits for the summer and now all I have to do is wait for it to warm up.

The Brian and I went to KFC for lunch and it was HORRIBLE. I feel so sick now. There was flies all over the place in there. All over the walls and I'm sure on our food before we got it. One of the girls working there around the food had really long hair and didn't even have it tied back. Boy, if I wasn't so hungry I would have waited untill we got home to eat.

Have a great evening everyone!!
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Kind of late checking in. Took Racer for a walk today, we didn't get to far though, he got to the first field of horses and started acting like a total goofball, so I let him act silly for a bit and then we turned around and came on home. But it was a gorgeous day to try and make it to the forest edge, maybe next time.

Came home and rototilled the garden finally, will be spreading some mint composte on it in a few days and planting hopefully the first week in May. Going to make my ultimate nachos tonight as we have some friends stopping by for dinner, and they love my nachos.

Hope everyone had a calm day and here's to a good week for everyone!
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Western PA had some heavy thunderstorms today! The grass was really long, but my husband managed to get the front lawn mown before the heavy weather hit. I love the sound of a thunderstorm, but if he hadn't finished the grass before it hit, I was going to offer it as pasture for you, Hissy. I'm anxious for the nice weather to settle in. I'm hoping to be able to plant some hanging baskets and a small bed by the front porch. I used to spend so much time on my flower beds people would slow down to look. Well, no use crying over spilled milk! I can still enjoy flowers.
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It is 7 PM and I haven't even gotten dressed yet! How's that for laazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy ? Played with the kittens and napped all afternoon. Now I gotta tuck the old nightgown into some pants and throw on a coat and run to the local store for some soda and milk. hehehe - usre hope I don't get sotpped for anything. Imagine trying to explain that one! :tounge2: :tounge2:
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We had a fire here while I was in college. Just to give the young people a laugh I had gone to a Halloween party dressed as a Playboy Bunny. When I got home I was really glad I had changed into jeans and a shirt!! (I was the mother of 4)
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