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I think it's time and I don't know if I can do it. - Page 3

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oh, hemi is beautiful!

Laurie, what kind of surgery are you having? when?

Originally Posted by blackmagic1987
I hope so. I can't stop crying. I know it's best for him but it hurts so much. Here is his picture

Much love to all.
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I'm so sorry you lossed your precious Hemi, he was a very beautiful boy and I'm sure he enjoyed a wonderful and happy life with you. I understand how hard it must be for you and your family but just know Hemi is okay now. Take care of yourself.
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Hemi was a handsome boy and looked much younger than 21. I have read this entire thread because I am taking my beautiful old girl today at 4. I am so sad, my heart hurts. Maybe hemi and Mozel will meet each other in the next life.
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This thread has helped me a lot too... some heartbreaking stories, but such kind words and beautiful poems here that helped me through this tough time as well. Thank you all for sharing, and here's hoping our Angel Kitties -- Hemi, Nermal, and Mozel have already met at Rainbow Bridge.
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Not just the thread but the board has helped me so much. I miss Hemi everyday but I've been so sick and I think it was the best decision for him. I'm going to be going through radiation and I couldn't give him all of the attention he needed. He had a good life, and he knew when he'd had enough.
I know he's got lots of good company where he is and he's running and playing. Things he hasn't been able to do in years.

God bless the people who post on this site with such warmth and compassion. Not everyone understands just what our babies mean to us.

Take care
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I had a radical deep lobe parotidectomy with a neck dissection.
For those of us who don't know what that means is I've had 5 tumors in my parotid gland on the right side of my face. They have already taken out my superficial gland and now they had to take the deep lobe which is basically almost in your throat. I don't have any saliva glands on the right side.
They were supposed to take the nerves from my foot to replace my facial nerve but they were able to save the nerve. I was under for 14 hours and in for 8 days. Supposed to be 2 weeks but I wanted to go home so I've had a nurse come in. The surgery was a month ago, April 18. I'm still really swollen, can't close my right eye which doesn't matter because I can't really see out of it anyway. They took a 8 inch strip of tissue from my left arm to fill in where the glands were or I would have had a dent in the bottom of my cheek.

Next is radiation. I have to meet with a team and I start on Thursday. I'm seeing a cancer pain specialist, then I see a dentist, a councellor, the person who makes the mask of my face so the radiation only goes to the desired spot. My ENT and facial reconstruction dr will be sitting in on all of these appointments. We figure all of this including the healing will take a year.

Thanks for asking. You see why I couldn't have given Hemi everything he deserved.

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I am sorry for you going through all this at once. I do hope that all continues well on your path to recovery.
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Your plate sounds more then full. Hope all your radiation goes well. I'm sure Hemi is watching down on you. You did the right thing for him. Now he's makeing sure the right thing gets done for you.
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I'm so sorry to hear what you have to go through, like so many others have said, of course, it can't be said enough-you're in my prayers, too!
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You know it's true. I've always believed in angels and spirits. I read somewhere that cats see spirits. The other night, I think it was Thursday night, after the pain specialist, Maggie (Formally known as Blackmagic) wanted to sit on Hemi's pillow. She stopped on the arm and just stared at the pillow. It was so funny, she would go up and sniff it and **** her head like a dog and just kept looking at it. I said is Hemi there and she looked at me. I swear I can tell what they are saying. Anyway the next day Boots walked up to the pillow and sniffed it and then went ahead and lay down. This morning again, no one will go near it.

I'll never lose Hemi, he'll always be near.thanks for all of th well wishes and prayers. It means so much to me.

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