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New Kittens - How do I Tell Gender?

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Heya! My Niko has finally given birth (Much to my relief), and now we have three healthy little kittens occupying the space where I sued to keep Christmas decorations. Oh well, that wreath looks good on the door all year round... right?

Anyway, I think I'm pretty solid on how to care for them: Essentially I just let momma take care of them, checking up on them every once in a while and making sure momma has plent of kitten food, clean water and her litterpan, all nearby so she can use them without straying too far, but far enough so one of the kittens doesn't blunder into it.

Niko seems to be a good Mom, keeping an eye on them and checking on them when they cry, nursing them and stimulating them to go to the bathroom. She's a little sore and stiff still, but is happy to see me and happily accepting attention from me and my presence near her babies.

What I'd like to know is: I heard it's possible to tell from the shape of a kitten's head how old it is. I don't want to pick them up out of the nest for some time yet, but I'd still like to be able to give them appropriate names.
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Here's a little drawing of a male and female kitten's behinds for ya.

Determining the sex of a kitten
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Just give 'em all unisex names ...hee hee...it's really hard to tell and easy to make a mistake when they are young!
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I loved the info from Jessica. I needed that because I always have a difficult time telling the sexes. I usually have to bring them to the vet for him to sex them for me! I just wanted to mention to you that you should start handling the kittens at 3 weeks old so they will bond with you. I have 6 little ones and their mom (who is feral). They were rescued by a friend just before some mean people where about to harm all of them. Anyway, I've been handling the kittens since they are 3 weeks old. They are now 5 weeks and spend half their time (all day) with me, the other cats and 2 dogs and the other half of their time (night) with their mom. Good Luck
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Well, Mom isn't feral, so she doesn't have a big problem with me handling them (As long as they don't cry). I usually pet all of them at least once a day so they get used to my scent, though their eyes aren't open yet. I avoid picking them up unless I'm weighing them. They're growing awfully fast!
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