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talking to oneself

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this was always a slight tendency I had, when thinking through a problem or frustrated, but ever since the cat arrived I am continually talking to myself. i know the things my cat can understand, like "No, Abi" and "Go Get It" or "Good girl" but she certainly doesn't understand when I say, "now where do i leave that green handbag?" or "oops i forgot to take my vitamins today. " It's a cat owner thing maybe? My husband has even commented on it, kindly of course.
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I talk to myself. As long as you dont answer yourself you are ok.
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Not only do I talk to myself, the cats and the computer, but I have been known to argue with all of the above! It seems to be getting worse since I started my new job!
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I am scared that i wil talk to my self in public and that people think im crazy ...
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I do it all the time at work and at home, especially if theres someone on t.v. thats irritating me
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I talk and argue with myself... And sometimes lose the argument!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
I talk and argue with myself... And sometimes lose the argument!

at least i win all my arguments... you need a coach
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I do it all the time!
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I do it too...

Plus sometimes if I lost something, I'll ask Luna where I put it...I know it sounds , but I swear, I find it within a minute after I ask her. I'll give her a hug or treat as a reward.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
I talk to myself. As long as you dont answer yourself you are ok.
Not necessarily cuz Me Myself and I have the greatest conversations ever!!!

I often talk to myself especially when I'm going for walks. I will start up a conversation with me and I will actually pretend like I'm talking to my favorite rocker or will pretend like I'm at a concert and will say what I'd do if I was actually at the concert.

Sometimes I just think out loud which I've been doing a lot lately while trying to plan out my New York trip.
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I talk to myself too, mostly just random wonderings though or reminders "don't forget to get the water when you're a wal-mart"
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I talk to myself all the time, especially when driving and someone isn't driving very well. I mainly just think of things that are funny and start laughing...that's when you look me...I know hahah
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Yup, I'm often talking to myself these days. I don't count talking to the cats/dogs as talking to yourself though. They can hear you!
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I talk and answer myself on occation ,,,, I have conversations whan I need to keep focused...
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I talk to myself sometimes, too.
Like when I need to remember something, or if I'm frustrated- those kinds of things.
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I talk to myself, argue with myself, tease and make fun of myself, and laugh at myself. I must be certifiable!

Years ago, I went on vacation alone, drove from Philadelphia up to Salem, Mass. I had a week to spend all alone, but I cut it short at 5 days. Why? Because I had run out of things to talk to myself about! I'm completely serious. But the good part of it was...I had talked to myself so much that I had really sorted my way through some major issues in my life at the time and had found a real inner peace. I highly recommend a solo vacation!
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I talk to myself constantly, it's quite a habit for me. Nursing at an Adolescent Psych Hospital, I really try to be conscious of doing so at work or else they might start thinking I'm the one who should be a patient!
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I talk to myself, too. Then again, I spend a lot of time home alone. Well, the cats, dogs, & geribls are here for me. I got caught once red-handed at the HS trying to comfort a cat. The people came in to adopt a cat & looked at me like I was crazy the whole time I showed them around. They took a cat home, though. The talking to myself really helps certify my 'crazy cat lady' thing I have going on.
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LOL i do my best thinking when i talk out loud...i do it at work alot and people will say "where you talking to me?" and i'll say nope - but the bad thing is, sometimes i dont even realize i do it!
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I talk to myself all the, constantly. I have to remind myself not to do it when it'll come off as crazy. But worse, sometimes I say things out loud that I didn't mean to say and didn't realize I was about to say. Things just come out of my mouth. That being said, I'm not exactly what you'd call "psychologically sound" anyway, so it's not really surprising. Just embarassing when someone says "what did you say" and I don't know, cuz I wasn't paying attention. Yikes, in writing this comes across as even worse.....yeah, I'm nuts. Send for the guys in white coats!
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Oh, add me to the crazy bunch. I talk to, answer, and argue with myself outloud. Living alone has perpetuated this. The last time I overindulged in a little too much wine and had a hangover the next morning, I woke up, refused to get out of bed and had an hour long conversation with the cat. He was a good sport though, chiming in a few meows and licks every now and then while I'm arguing away, lol. I swear Ive got a running start on the whole crazy cat lady thing, haha!
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I talk to myself all the time. Mostly while walking down the street or shopping. But also while reading the paper, surfin the net, etc. Hubby often asks me, "Did you say something?" Nope!
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I have noticed that I am talking to myself more and more. I have caught myself doing it at the grocery store. Thankfully, I haven't gotten any strange looks yet.
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I talk to myself sometimes, but more often to the cat, who always listens very attentively and comments. I'm no longer afraid I'll do it it public, because so many people who seem to be talking to themselves turn out, on closer inspection, to be wearing a headset or lapel micro and talking on their cell phones.
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I talk to myself too! and to my cat Danny. I sometimes even use my name when I talk to myself> "Now, Molly blah, blah blah ..." Perhaps I've read Alice in Wonderland too many times. She did that too, I think ...
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I talk to myself all the bloody time. Here's my secret: I have cats just so I don't look like I'm crazy. At least at home, I'm talking to them and not myself.
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