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What would you save in a fire?

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Some friends and I were talking about an acquaintance that had lost everything in a house fire, no one was hurt but the house was wrecked: we were talking about what we would try to save once we and the animals were safe.
I decided that the only things we have that are irreplaceable are photos, I can’t magic the children small again to take more.
So I scanned all (hundreds) of our photos put them on CDs and gave a copy to each of our grown up children to keep.
What would be irreplaceable to you?
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That's a good question. Probably my game worn Kris Draper jersey, wallet and some of my other sports collection.

I have a feeling I would be running in and out of the house getting stuff for Tara though, like her clothes.
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how devastating to lose everything in a fire. I really feel for your acquaintance.

I would save my journals... but I don't know HOW I could get them out of the house. I have 3 big plastic boxes filled with journals.

I'ld be sad losing all my photos but other family members and friends have pics of all of us. I can ask them for a copy.. but I can't get a copy of my journals.
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i have to agree photos.
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Harley (duh!), my photos and my purse.

I have renters insurance so in case of a fire everything would be replaced, but they can't replace the memories of the photos, thats for sure.
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I think that's a great idea to save all your photos onto disk, that way you just have to grab the disk.
Friends of ours lost everything in a fire a few years ago. They had the hardest time replacing important documents, especially as they lost their wallets and no longer had any identification!
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I have a toddler outfit that my mom made me when I was little. I keep it on a hanger on the closet door here in my sewing/computer room. And my stuffed cat Blackie that I had as a young child. If I had time my jewelry box and a watercolor a friend painted for me as a wedding present.
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My computer. I know that sounds odd, but ALL of my photos from recent years are on my computer. All of my contacts are on there, important writing things, important documents, my web designs, my graphic designs, etc...
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Brandon (obviously), the kitties and our wedding album. We also have a disk with all of Brandon's pictures on it.
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This is too ironic because I was just leaving my house to go to work and the apartment building down my street is on fire--I can't get out because there's only one way in and one way out.
Just the other day, my other neighbor's woods were on fire. I'm getting a little scared!! I would save my cats (obviously) and try to grab some photo albums. My important stuff is in a fireproof safe.
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Two of my cousins and uncle died in a house fire when i was about five,so i am very careful with electricals and firehazards.

I dont have to tell you my furbabies would be first to be saved,then photo's,but i wouldn't bother if i lost the photo's as i keep copies of all my pics at my dads house,just in case
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That is a very tough question. We lost our house in a fire 5 years ago. We didn't have time to grab anything but each other and animals.

I had a very skittish cat named Lady who had never been outside unless she was in her carrier. I went back in for her after getting the boys out and didn't have enough time to get the carrier and her. So I grabbed her and ran out. As soon as I cleared the porch she freaked out jumped out of my arms and ran back inside. The firefighters wouldn't let me back in to find her. I called and called. I lost her that night.

To this day I regret not grabbing the carrier and taking maybe 5 extra seconds to put her inside that carrier. I now make sure that all carriers are stacked and easy to get to as well as all my cats are comfortable in my arms when I walk outside. I do have two cats that absolutely hate going outside but they will if they have too.

My family now has an emergency escape plan and for a long time we would have mock drills because I do have so many cats.

We lost everything in that fire but the only thing I found that I missed the most was Lady. I have been able to replace most of the pictures by getting copies from family. I will never be able to replace my wedding dress or my boys baby blankets and I can live with that.
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My kitty and my bass.

Everything else is replaceable
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everything alive would come first, like humans and animals.. Then i would go for my purse as it has my life in it, and then probably my laptop.
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Nothing is more special or important than my husband and cats.

As long as they were safe nothing else matters.

Oh Eva that must have been heart breaking What an awful thing to happen. Its all right for us to imagine what we would do but at the end of the day who really knows ? It must have been very frightening.
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Oh Eva That's such a heart breaking story
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My animals and my photos.
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assuming people and pets are out...

photos and things from my grandmother - especially the quilts that she made. The computer would be handy - but I'm not sure I could get that out quickly enough.
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I would save my family fisrt, then pics and identification, and then if it was winter, I would grab shoes and jackets, etc.
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My cats, my computer, my purse (with ID, checks, etc inside). Anything else is replaceable.
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I would save the cats and Brad (obviously) then I'd get the photo discs, and if there were time, anything else I wanted, I don't know what we'd do about the fish though, maybe all the tanks would put out the fire before it got to bad?
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