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Whats the funniest costume you've worn?

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I'm just thinking about fancy dress parties and thinking of costumes I've worn and I thought it would be funny to share and also I might steal some of your ideas for future parties!!
The most recent time I dressed up was Halloween. I was going out with Mark and 2 of his friends, they ordered Ninja suits off ebay and I had a French Maids outfit, except at the last minute my tights ripped and I was not going out the house with no tights on!! They discovered they had been sent 4 suits instead of 3 so I dressed up as a ninja too! It was so funny! I think people thought I was male because I just got banged into all night.
I've also been a christmas cracker, a mummy, the queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland and countless other things! My mum was awesome and making costumes!
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My husband and I used to do a lot of Halloween parties. One year I went as a tomato and he went as a bottle of ketchup (Heinz 57 of course). I've also been "the universe": a blue draping sheet of material with a Miss Universe banner and odd space type things glued to it: space shuttle toy, a Mars bar wrapper, lots of stars, etc. The funniest one that my husband did was an aircraft carrier: grey pants and t-shirt with white strips taped like a runway and a lot of toy airplanes pinned to his clothes.
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I'd love to see your queen of hearts costume as I'm having an 'Alice in Wonderland' party this year!

For my 21st we had a 'Pajama Party at The Playboy Mansion'. That was so much fun!!
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten
I'd love to see your queen of hearts costume as I'm having an 'Alice in Wonderland' party this year!

For my 21st we had a 'Pajama Party at The Playboy Mansion'. That was so much fun!!
I was about 4 or something, my dad has the pictures
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Dam it!

My nan used to make all our costumes for the school plays, and sometimes every childs costume for the school play!

Mine or my siblings would always be far more sparklier or tinsel strewn than all the rest! Sometimes I couldnt walk for the weight of marabou feathers, glitter and tinsel!
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The last time I dressed for a costume halloween party, about eight years ago, I was a French Maid in a skimpy little black uniform dress and little lacy apron that I rented from the costume store. I got black fish net stockings to go with it and wore heels. The shoes came off pretty quickly, though. This was a really fun night and I enjoyed the costume!
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Well I am not for the funny costumes but I do the cute ones. Last Halloween I was Tinkerbell!! Lee was a Fat plumber! It was so funny. He had the fat suit with the pants sewn on with the butt crack hanging out. THe v neck shirt with hair sticking out and a little hat that made him look like a wanna be thug!! It was even more funny because his head didn't match his body. He had this tiny head and huge body. I will try to find a link to the costume!!
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Went as a Caeser's Salad...
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last time i dressed up i went as a devil
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I've dressed up as a nurse and the last time was a vampire
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One year at work, we had a Halloween costume party. My co-worker Bobby and I decided to come as Sonny and Cher. He was Cher and I was Sonny. I had the brown wig and mustache with bellbottoms, vest and he dressed in the same except he had a long black wig on, nails and make-up. It was hilarious!! We played "I Got You Babe" as we were being paraded down the hallway to show off our costumes.
It worked perfectly because he's about 5'10" and I'm 5'3"--just like Sonny and Cher.
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ooh! I also dressed up as a cow for children in need at school, I should be able to get a picture of that for you tonight!!
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My mother made me into the queen of hearts one year!! It was so terrible!!!!!! I laugh now but it really was bad!!
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Hard to remember but the one that sticks out in my mind is the cowgirl outfit, with pigtails, and I blacked out my front tooth, so I looked like that one lady from Hee Haw...
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When I was 8 I was an Oh Henry bar for Halloween. My friend was an almond joy.
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California Raisin:
Large Brown trash bag for my body, large sunglasses, and white gloves.
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I dressed us as Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon... don't ask.
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My costume wasn't funny, but the aftermath was. I dressed as a clown one year in college, and had used that temporary spray in my hair to make it orange. It didn't wash out completely
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Some of these are so funny and original!
So sorry about your hair Karen
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When I was in college, my boyfriend and I used to design and make our Halloween costumes every year and go around to the bars that were having contests. We could win a fair amount of money that way. One year we went as Roger & Jessica Rabbit...complete with a big foam rabbit head for him, and a big foam chest for me. They were awesome.

My hubby isn't into Halloween, so we don't usually do much these days. I have a witch costume I usually put on to hand out treats.
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