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Angels' kittens!

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They are 3 weeks old!
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Awwww They're beautiful!!!
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Oh, what little angels!!!! They are so cute!!
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Oooooooooh i want them!!!!!! Look at the mischeivous little face on the grey and white one
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I'll send him to you airmail, Susan!

He has quite a mouth!!!
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Well we all know how i'm used to hearing Rosie so thats not a problem Sue
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Aaawww, how precious!
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Just look at those sweet babies.

After posting the above note....I went to the Bubastis Cat Sanctuary web site for the first time.

I hope that everyone goes to your site and watches the video about Burbastis Cat Rescue in the green box.
I was moved to tears.

With kitten season should be posted in the lounge for all to view.
I just don't know how to do it.

You are doing wonderful work.
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Lei i've just looked at the link after you mentioned it and it is a wonderful site.

I'll have to look at the video when i get home though because i don't have quicktime here at work.

Well done Sue
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They are so precious, now I want another kitten!
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I just posted links to the video in the main lounge. Everyone should see it.
Sue ... you are truly an angel.
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Too cute!
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Aww! So many kitties on TCS lately... I love blue kitten eyes
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