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Anyone else watch this show?

If so, what do you think?
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I never heard of it. What is it about?
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I would really like to watch it. It sounds really interesting. I mean I would like to know what it was like to live ina black presons shoes for a week. Just to know what they go through and to know if its really as bad as its portrayed.
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It's a show on FX Wednesday nights at 10. It's about two families - one black and one white. Each family puts on make up to make them look like the other race. Then they film the experiences each family has.

Some examples, they have the black father (as a white man) get a job as a bartender in a predominately white neighborhood. The white daugher (as a black girl) joins a slam poetry class.

They also have both families live together during the program.
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I haven't seen it, although when I saw the previews I thought it looked interesting.

Right now I've got too many TV shows I'm trying to keep up with LOL
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Sounds like a really interesting concept.
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Sounds interesting. I hope I remember to watch it Wed night.
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I've seen previews, I really would like to see it. It sure would be interesting to be in another persons shoes like that! I'm sure that both families will learn a lot about the experience, thats for sure!
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I saw the two families on Oprah. There seemed to be some bad feelings between them.
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