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calico genetics

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My tortie queen has produced a black and white only female kitten. Over all the years and various tortie or calico queens this is the first non calico or tortie female kitten. Does anyone know the genetics involved?
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Easy (will try to keep it as simple as I can). Color is carried only on the X chromosone. So the mother gives color to all her male offspring (XY). For females, they would get a color gene from both the mother and the father (XX).

Torties/calicos can give both a black and a red color chromosone. If the father is a red, then he passes the red color to his daughters. If the calico mother also gives a red - you have a red daughter; but if she gives a black, then you have a calico/tortie.

Because you have a black/white kitten, the mother gave the black color and the father of the kitten was a black or blue.
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