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Boy, am I glad to see you!

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Hi to everyone from everyone here!

I'm so glad to have found this site!

Sadly, I lost my 15-year companion, Fuzz, to complications with diabetes this past October. But as always, I knew the Cat Gods would take care of me, and whatever cuties were next in line, and sure enough they did.

About a month before I had to make the decision to put her to sleep, a neighbor came by with a cat she was taking care of in her yard. She heard I loved cats, and hoped I'd give her a home because she was just so sweet.

She was sweet. And adorable. And also very, very pregnant. A week later she gave birth to 5 kittens. I do believe I was sent her when I was to help me get through losing Fuzz. The kittens were amazing, so smart it was eerie. They were actually fetching and doing tricks by 5 weeks old.

This is what brought me to a local rescue organization, who were absolutely wonderful. They even helped me financially with the kittens, and they took over getting them all good homes. I kept Mom, who I named Deja Vu because this is exactly how I got Fuzz 15 years earlier, and she looked just like Fuzz' mom. Even gave birth on my sofa in the same spot!

And I also kept one of the kittens I named Rockybeans. Rocky because he and one other kitten used to fight like crazy over one nipple. From the day they were born they'd both try to get that one nipple and keep hitting each other until one gave in and went to the one right below it. Since the other was all black, and Rocky had white cheeks, I named them Apollo and Rocky, respectively. Beans because he looks exactly like an old cartoon cat named Beans. However his nickname (you know the three -- his given name, his nickname, and the one only he knows) is jelly belly, and the minute you say it, he will roll over, spread his legs wide open, stare right at you, and expect his belly rubbed. Mom likes it too, so I've got Mummy Tummy and Jelly Belly. I'm 52 years old and I call my cats Mummy Tummy and Jelly Belly. Is that silly or what?

And they are so interesting, they fetch, and Rocky's even started actually getting the toys when I tell him too. He is so smart, and also quite interestiong looking. They are both a joy each day. I have to get a digital and get some pictures.

Anyway, what brought me here was when the rescue organization helped me, I dedided to do something back and started to Foster. My first foster family was a mom with 3 babies, who I helped socialize. I have been very flattered by the organization, because they are very happy with the results, and considering I have no experience, that's a nice compliment.

Well, they were so impressed, now that the new Mom and her babies have been placed, they gave me a project since they've realized I do have a very good way with cats. So now I have a very terrified, somewhat aggressive feral cat they asked if I could try to socialize, and I'm pretty much her last hope. So I found you guys while searching for help to learn what to do.

I read your article, but some of the things you said are just not possible based on my situation. So I'm going to write out what I think would help, and relate the situation in the feral threads, and hopefully you can help advise me how to help her. I'll post that sometime tomorrow.

It was great to find a site where there was hope, and not another "just put her back in the wild."

Thanks for being here


PS: If I can do this, I truly would be saving a life and would feel like I did something really good in this world. Something not only she will benefit by, but that I will too, because I need that in my life right now myself. Amazing how good those Cat Gods are sometimes. They do know what they are doing!

PPS: And to end this on a lighter note, so far today Rocky who is 7 mos. old, has stolen or simply taken directly from me and out into another room, the straw from drink, my pants, two of his toys, 3 pens, the belt from the vacuum cleaner I was trying to fix, he hid in the pillowcase of my pillow and attacked me when I lay down and then I had to rub his belly then play "got your nose" and squeeze his cheeks before I was allowed to take of myself. lol He is some piece of work.
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Wellcome, wellcome and once more wellcome!!!
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Hello Debby and welcome to The Cat Site.

We are so glad you found us...

You'll love it here!

What a wonderful story! I'm so sorry for the loss of Fuzz.
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Welcome!!! It's nice to meet you!!!

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Very nice to meet you! It sounds like you'll fit right in.
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I am so sorry that you lost your dear Fuzz... If you feel up to it, maybe post a tribute to her in our rainbow bridge forum

I smiled as I read the rest of your post - how wonderful that you have now taken to fostering - thankyou. This world needs more people like you and those that look after these precious beings.

I will go and find your thread in the ferals forum and I am interested to hear of your journey with her. Stick with us here, there are so many members here that have been or are in the exact same position you are in right now, it takes time to calm these scared babies, but time can heal almost anything. There are so many threads that you can read by these members and so much you can learn. Just by reading your post I feel that you will succeed with this girl.

Welcome again from me and my boys
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Hi Debby - Welcome to TCS!

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Fuzz, I think a tribute in the Rainbow Bridge would be a perfect way to honour him!

See you in the forums!
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Hi there Debby we're so happy to welcome you, Mummy Tummy, Jelly Belly and (always sparing a thought for) your dear Fuzz to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

It is wonderful what you are doing for the Rescue organisation and this feral kitty . It is possible to help these kitties, so many people on this site have done so.

We've had quite an adventure ourselves with Adelaide, if you ever want to bounce ideas off anyone, feel free to PM me
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