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My kitten is acting posessed

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lol, i know that sounds crazy, but she acts possessed sometimes. She will be playing around, and suddenly just jump in the air, dart to the other side of the room, and do some sort of sideways bounce lmao. She also has started to bite ALL the time. SHe's not a sweetheart anymore unless she is going to sleep and she's laying on top of either me or my mom. We cant even pet her or brush her anymore without her biting and being a devil kitty.
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The running around and the sideways bouncing is completely normal for a kitten. When she jumps to the side she probably also has her back arched thats normal. A lot of kittens also get into the habit of play biting and taking it entirely too far. One of mine did the same thing. This may sound really off the wall but I started hissing at her when she did. If she jumped up on me or near me and started biting my hand I would picked her up by the scruff of the neck, put her on the floor and hiss at her. This doesn't hurt her and it mimicks the discipline that her mother would give her.
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One thing I forgot to mention. Don't ever use your hands like a toy or to roughhouse. Save that for her toys on a stick that she can chase. Only pet and hold her with your hands.
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Sounds like normal kitten behavior They do go through ornery spells
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I agree - normal kitten behavior!

Harley is almost 1 yr now and he still acts like that!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
I agree - normal kitten behavior!

Harley is almost 1 yr now and he still acts like that!
Mister is 2 today and still acting like that. Minus the biting though
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Spaz is 12 and even she has her moments.
I think her invisible friends that she talks to put her up to it often times.

I do not recommend play fighting with your kitties using your hand, although I do have two that I do this with, but they also know that "Ow" means they need to back off and not be so rough, just as my dog does.
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Yes, my two also have their mad half hours!
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Mine had a mad two hours and i still have not gotten any sleep, and then teufel will come and scratch my feet... whats up with that?
They are asleep now FINALLY!
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Yep normal.Simba does this crazy thing all the time where he stares at me or something then darts about like a mad thing!
Hes 7 months, they burn off energy this way i think!
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I've got an almost 13-year-old that has moments like this. Then there's Peter, who's like this during most of the time he's awake!
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It seems our one year old cat is always doing this unless she is sleeping..Even when she just opens her eyes and stands up from a sleep..she starts immediately meowing at us to play fetch with her...crazy girl!
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Sibohan has the "I have to be in the other room RIGHT NOW!!!" thing she darts into the other room meows at the celing and runs to me for protection... I have no clue what she's doing but she seems to be a happy, yet strange, somewhat well adjusted cat. Just a little nerotic at times.
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