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Ringworm in the basement & on Damita, Chico, & possibly Ophelia!

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It is pretty much confirmed that Damita has ringworm. I still can't take her to the vet, though. I noticed that Chico has some thinning hair behind both ears, so I am treating him for ringworm as well. Ophelia was living with them, sleeping with them, etc. She isn't showing signs of ringworm....yet.

Here's the problem I am running into. I have been reading online that I should use a bleach soluntion to clean all solid places the cats touched. I did that; TV, entertainment center, windows/window sills, bookshelf, trim, door stops, everything I could find. It took me 2 hours, but I think I got everything solid. How do I clean the carpet? chairs? couch? I read online that ringworm spores can live for 1-2 years. One website suggested vacuuming/steaming the carpet often. I have started to wash the blankets & the daybed cover. Since they didn't come in direct contact with the mattresses on the daybed, I should think they will be fine.

I am treating the ringworm with the guidance of a HS volunteer. Both Damita & Chico get Fulvicin 1x a day & get Conofite cream put on the affected areas 2x a day. They told me that the fungal baths w/ fungal shampoos get used only if this doesn't work. I am really frusterated that there is nothing else I can do. If Ophelia develops ringworm, then I have to pay to treat her myself & I can do whatever I please. I had mom take Ophie to the vet this morning, he didn't "see" any ringworm, but told me to monitor her. If I think she has ringworm, I will take her to Twitch's vet. She is awesome with funguses(sp?).

I have Damita in the downstairs bathroom. It is small, but there should be plenty of room for her. She won't stay in any cage without severly injuring herself, so I have to keep her here & not in a cage. She bawls all of the time being alone, it is awful to listen to. I gave her a stereo & turned it on. It has helped a little. Chico is in the dog crate in the basement. He doesn't care. He takes everything in stride like a good little solider. Ophelia is in the upstairs bathroom. She is cowering in the corner, as usual. To think I finally got her settled down in the basement.

I am keeping my fingers crossed the Twitch & Lily don't get ringworm. It is really hard with 5 cats in the house. Plus, Tabitha got her spay fixed(she got a hernia) this morning. If I don't get snowed in tomorrow morning, I have to pick her up. I don't want to send her outside right after/during a snowstorm, but I'm not sure where to put her. She didn't have direct contact with any of the ringworm kitties. Should she be OK? Should I keep her caged somewhere to watch her for signs of ringworm, or can I release her outside in a few days? Ophelia is shedding what seems to me to be a lot, but that could just be her losing her winter coat.

I need advice on all aspects of ringworm. Twitch & I had it three years ago, but I took a pill & Twitch got a pill & we were fine. That's all I remember doing.
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When I got Bakker in Nov 2004 and took to my vet they took a hair/skin sample which confirmed ringworm. Because the fungicide is so expensive the buy it from a internet pharmacy. I had to treat all 4 cats gosh I think 3 weeks?? Plus myself, DH and then my mom and sis got it too!!
I did freak out and read up on it. I washed all my hard surfaces with the bleachy water and vaccuumed and then threw that vaccuum bag in a plastic bag and threw away. The other cats were treated more as a precaution. I shut off two bedrooms so they couldn't enter while being treated.
I never had a re-occurrence-thank goodness!!
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I had to do a lyme dip with the kittens. It was horrible . The topicals weren't good enough.
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It's not the treatment that is bothering me. I can handle that. It is Damita's pitiful bawling all of the time. She hasn't shut up since 3am last night/this morning. I called the HS & they told me they could get a sedative & we might have to keep her sedated until she can be with other cats again. I didn't ask them, but can Damita & Chico(who both have ringworm) be together?

I am going to move Ophelia into the basement again. There is blood spatter all over the bathroom floor & walls. She has blood on her face. I took her to the vet & she must've been beating herself against the walls so much she was getting bloody noses.

I don't know if Ophelia has ringworm or not. She has thinning hair on the back of her head, but that could very well be from the stress. It is snowing right now & I don't dare try to drive her way out to the good vet. The road I have to take is nasty in good weather.
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I hope you get this straightened out. I don't have any advice.... Except ask the vet if there is anything else you need to do to clean, etc. Ringworm is highly contagious and something that can be passed from animal to humans, so I'm glad you're taking an aggressive approach as far as cleaning and stuff. I'd really do whatever I could to get the cats in though. That's the only way ringworm can really be diagnosed. Good luck.
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