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My baby!!

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My baby Portia has gone in for her spaying today!!!

The poor little thing was clinging to my neck before I passed her onto the vet! She had her little arms around my neck and everything!!!

I hope she's ok!

Pray for my baby girl!!
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She'll be fine! I often think it's harder for us to leave them at the vet's than it is for them!

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Its a guilt trip they lay on ya!! She'll be okay, though. She staying overnight? If you have other cats, read the thing about vanilla in the behavior forum
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OMG - our little Portia is all grown up. It wasn't so long ago that you were bottle feeding the tiny little bundle and so worried. I'm sure she will be fine. Let us know how she does.
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Aww, sending lots of good vibes Portia's way.
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I know!!! I miss those days of her wanting a bottle!!

I spoke to the vet and she came through the surgery fine, she's awake and nearly walking around! I get to pick her up tomorrow.

Poor Diesel is walking around looking for her!!
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Aaah Im glad she's ok, I missed this yesterday. Get well soon Portia
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Awwww bless her little cotton socks I'm so pleased it went well

And she'll always be your baby!
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Aw, they are both so sweet. We all understand how you feel. Our babies have us wrapped around their paws.
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I reckon!!

I even had a nightmare about her last night!!

She is my baby!! She'll be that way her whole life!
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My baby is home!!!

She's doing well, acting like nothing has happened!!
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great news Its just wonderful how far she has come
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I've got pictures of the battle scars!!

Poor thing!

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Oh Portia! So glad she is ok. I can't believe that teeny tiny kitten is now a grown up (ish) little lady! She is so beautiful. It's my turn next month for Nismo to get her little op and I am dreading it already
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I know!! I can't belive how grown up she is!!!

Its heartbreaking having to leave them there - But it is the best thing for them!!

And Portia really is doing well - Apart from the shaved belly you would never know anything had happened!!
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