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Singapura eyes

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Today our indoor babies, as well as being manic, were especially co-operative.

I was able to get some good shots of their lovely Singapura eyes.

Firstly, Lily. When at home, it's like we are joined by a piece of string, she is adorable and follows me everywhere. Here she is, guarding Mummy

And then....Tolstoy. He has a number of faces, his "big brave lion face" (not very often and it doesn't fool anyone ); his "oriental face" and his "little boy face". Today, he managed to combine the oriental and little boy faces to look especially adorable.

Then he got bored with looking handsome and tried to eat the camera strap instead

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Oh they are just beautiful
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What BEAUTIFUL furbabies you have..........thanks for sharing
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They sure are beautiful! Look at those big eyes!
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Lily and Tolstoy are absolutely beautiful.
I can see why you have fallen in love with them.
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Stunning eyes! Beautiful cats, I always admire them at the cat shows.
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They are really beautiful! I don't think I've heard of that breed before. Really stunning eyes.
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Wow, beautiful eyes & kitties!
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Wow, look at Lily's huge beautiful green eyes!!!!!! Those beat puppy-eyes by a longshot!! I'll bet she could get anyone to do anything she wanted with those eyes And Tolstoy is very handsome too!
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Oh, they're so beautiful! Thanks for sharing those with us!
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Beth their gorgeous! They have such sweet delicate faces, both of them
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Lily, you're such a little sweetheart following your Mum around! What a precious expression she has, Beth! Tolly, you handsome little boy! Such a gorgeous Oriental Little Boy face, and you're so adorable eating the camera strap! These are terrific, Beth, thank you!
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So cute!!! That first pic is my fav!
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Great photos great cats
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they are beautiful beth!
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They are gorgeous!
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They are so beautiful I love their faces
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Wow! They are incredible! So big!
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Guys - thank you I think they are gorgeous - but then I guess I'm biased!

Patty you are so right - Lily can get away with just about anything. She has such an adorable little face when she looks like that and she is so tiny that she really knows how to turn on the charm.

Having said that - Tolly has Daddy firmly wrapped around his little paw . I've never known hubby be so controlled by a kitty before
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YAY! I am so jealous that you captured their eyes with a flash and they weren't glowing. They are such beautiful kitties
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Well Chris, it just happened that the sun came out nice and bright and strong yesterday in my bit of the UK. Doesn't happen very often, but wow! it certainly made photography a pleasure. Of course, we got a really hard frost and snow showers to show for it this morning
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I'm in love. They are just so beautiful.
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I missed these??? OHMY Beth - they are simply adorable
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Gorgeous pictures, Beth!

Lily and Tolly are such elegant kitties and their eyes are simply gorgeous!
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I love their big eyes...I can see how you could fall in love with them at once glace
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Hope, Danielle, Sarah and Miss Mew - thank you so much. These kitties certainly have me firmly where they want me.

One other thing about the photo of Lily is that when she looks like that, it's possible to see her tiny bottom teeth at the front. They are so sweet, apart from a kitten I've never known a kitty to have such teeny teeth at the front.

Ok - I'm besotted, I know
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wow......what expressive beautiful fur faces!!!!!!
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Aww thank you - they do have such expressive faces. If we don't cotton on to their needs quickly enough by their expression, Tolstoy also has a good singing voice to let us know exactly what we should be doing.
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