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Well here goes nothing!!

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I posted about my heart condition awhile ago.

Hosptials told me after 2 years it's still badly inflamed, and they need to do an MRI scan, well that scan is TOMORROW,

they said a 6 month waiting list so this is really quick.

Will basically tell them and me, whats going on in there. i'm really scared and nevvous.

Anyone ever had an MRI. whats it like? what do they do? i'm so scared.
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I only had an MRI on my hand/wrist!! You lay down -they may let you listen to music. You are only like a conveyor belt and go into this narrow tube (well lite I believe) Its takes a while like 30-45 minutes have you have to lay real still. I think you could hear the machine pulse off and on.
Its not really bad at all!!
Take care and I hope the results are good.
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Oh dear! I wish you lots of luck and hope that it isn't anything too seriuos.

I haven't had an MRI, but from what people tell me, you get strapped onto a gurny type thing and placed inside a huge machine. If you don't like the strap, you can ask not to be strapped in. Its not fun for klostophobics (sp?) since the area is basically as big as your body.

I've only known of one person having an allergic reaction to the dye the place in your body. From what I've read though its a very rare condition.

However the MRI is the best solution for them to know what's going on inside your body. X-Rays can help a little, but not compared to an MRI.

<-for luck!
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Claire - sending huge vibes your way - I hope that your MRI goes ok. A while ago I was shown around an MRI scanning unit and they were explaining what goes on. They were saying how they know that everyone is nervous and try to make it as stress free as possible. I think you can listen to music in some of them and I believe they can stop if you get too claustrophobic.

Just relax and think of a tip that was given to me when I went in for surgery. Just think of all the people, all around the world from TCS, who are thinking of you while you are in there and willing everything to be fine.

There is nothing like the power of all those good vibes to get you through
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I had an MRI done once of my head. They strapped my head in so I couldn't move it. It is a long tube that they put you in. You could listen to music, and you are in contact with them at all times. If you feel claustrophobic, they will take you out. It wasn't my favorite thing to do, but it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Just try to relax. It will go quicker than you think. Good Luck
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Wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow,You will be in the best possible hands,Try not to worry too much
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Oh Claire! While this is very scary it's also great news that you are getting seen tomorrow! I have everything crossed that they will find out whats up and be able to fix you. Thinking of you, let us know how it goes.
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If you're claustrophobic, you can ask your doctor for Valium to take before the exam. I have to have an MRI yearly of my head and neck, and I've found it helps an awful lot.
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That does sound scary...I'm sending you many calming vibes for tomorrow. Just take a few deep breaths before you go in the scanner, and remember as was already said, they can take you out at any time if you start to get scared.
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Good luck for tomorrow.
I think it's great that you'll be done sooner than later. Now you'll be able to find out what's wrong and get to fixing it as soon as possible.
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Good luck tomorrow

Lets hope that everything is okay and the MRI goes by quickly for you - lots of calming vibes coming your way
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Good luck and MRIs are a piece of cake... I wouldnt have to think what part hasnt been scanned on my body
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Sending lots of good vibes your way

I have a MRI twice, it's not too bad. You just have to lay still for awhile. I don't know how long it takes to check your heart. I had one done on my neck(that one took about 30 minutes)and the other was for brain and sinus (took 1 and a half hours).
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Hope all goes well.
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Claire, I'm sending many good luck and calming }}}VIBES{{{ your way!

I'll be thinking of you today!
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As long as you aren't claustrophobic MRI's aren't bad. I have had many when they were trying to figure out what was causing my headaches. Don't wear anything with metal (they'll even make you take off your bra). Try to relax - it will take a while, depending on how much they want to look at. Probably with a heart you are looking at at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Good luck - this is the best thing for you. Hopefully they will be able to find out what is wrong and fix you!
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Thanks eveyone.

I got through the scan.

as always they couldn't get a vein up for the jab so I got incredibly shakey sick, and I was crying....

It was awful.... waiting on results now.

They gave me a blanket in there I rolled it up by my side and pretneded it was Star, he had been with me before I left this morning, and It eased me so much, this morning in bed when I woke up he kept nuzzling me.

I told him I was scared.... in his eyes.... looked like he said ''don't be mummy!!''

I was really touched how he was with me this morning, was loving.

thanks for all youe support, helped me get through.
post #18 of 20're done with the scan! How nice that your kitty comforted you even if he couldn't actually be there! Keep us posted on the will be so nice for them to get started on some good treatments so you are feeling well again!
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I'm so glad that the scan went okay - I hope the results come back with positive news!

Lots of good vibes coming you way
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
If you're claustrophobic, you can ask your doctor for Valium to take before the exam.
Yea...that will help but its very simple and before you know it'll be over with!
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