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I do love bengals. I've never owned them, but know from others that they are great family members. To my rather limited knowledge, they will be as active or lovey as you need, and are quite devoted to their humans.

Personally (and I know we're discussing short-haired breeds), I am quite impartial to Maine Coons. They are monstrously large, sturdy, loyal, and absolutely marvelous to own. This is personally my favorite pedigree cat, a close second to your good ol' mixed breed.
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Look up some stuff on Burmese...everything you read about them is true. They follow me and are vocal, but tend to be able to "chill" a little more than Siamese. Don't get me wrong, mine still loves to play, but she will also fall asleep on the bed with you and want to be in your lap. She does flips (for real!) and is very fast and athletic... but it took her a while to hone her skills. When she was a kitten, she'd fall flat on her side and get up like nothing ever happened.

Read up on them and see if you like what you read.

Of course, a moggie is the best way to go... breeds are expensive. I balance out my conscience by making sure I have one moggie per pure bred.
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I have a himilayan and a ragdoll and both are nice if I had to choose it would be ragdoll though, they are more serene and laid back the himi is tempermental and so was my previous one.
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Check out Burmese too, they are very playful and funny and will give you hours of fun.

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