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HIya, i jus joined this forum. My names ruth, i live on the isle of man in the uk and i have 2 beautiful black cats. Their names are felix and tigger. they're both sisters.I dont know what i'd do without them
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Hi Ruth, I am moving this to our new cats forum so people can give you a proper welcome.
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Welcome to the site! We love black cats around here. Ok, we love all cats but there are quite a few of us partial to the little blackies. We just had a thread in The Cat Lounge where many of us posted pictures of our precious black babies.

Hope to see you posting often! I'd love to hear more about your kitties!
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Hi Ruth! It's great to have you here!
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Hi Ruth and Welcome! We also have a black cat, Casper, you can see his pic on the signature. Hope you have great time here, and once more, welcome!
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