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The New Foster Kitty boy or girl?

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Well all my new foster kitty (rescued from the sewer where
his family refused to go and get him from, for 4 whole days!! -
what is WRONG with people???!!) is a doll!

I can't tell if it is he or she, LOL! I think it is a he. Aren't
orange tabby cats mostly male? I haven't seen too many
female ones...

Anyway he looks like a cross between an
abby or siamese and a large orange tabby cat! He has
the muzzle shape of the Pink Panther, LOL. And lovely
orange eyes with white rims, a looooong cream/buff body
with dark dark orange markings - most dark around the face
and paws, shading lighter on the body. He is looong and
slinky and has a siamese length tail. Perhaps he has some
oriental short hair... he is very active, has a squeeky meow/
wail and purrs incessantly when you pick him up!!

His personality is dominant - I can tell already! He used the
other cats box immediately, even though he has his own, LOL!!
He wanted upstairs, but I would not let him, since he has
ONE encounter already with old Diablo, who hissed at him, and
scared him silly, LOL!!

Lexi is jealous of him, she looked in the window and saw me
playing with HIM! She was outraged. I had to go and give
her special loves last night... played with her too.

Zazou the feral is in with him, and she watches us
play. She has allowed me to almost touch her (while
she was hiding under the bed.. without a hiss. This is
major improvement!!) But she won't come out from under
the bed anymore. I think she is getting close to her time,
and jumping up on the window is more difficult for her.
Kittens will be born very soon I think.

At anyrate Spice (boy or girl!) will be great at helping the
newbie kittens learn I'm friendly and socializing them well.

As to me, I am exhausted giving 4 cats separate love times! It must
be what it is like to be a Mom. You love them all and want to
give equal time and affection but sometimes it is sooooo hard!!

Can anyone tell me what personality types *their* orange cats
have had? Most of the ones I've known have been dominant males,
but very relaxed an confident - not at all shy or scared. But most
haven't had that Siamese style body either ... hinting of some oriental shorthair background...
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Yup, it is EXHAUSTING sometimes, giving them all the "equal" amount of attention (Joey says that he deserves equal+ ). So, extra Kudoes for taking in that sweet, orange baby. My experience is that orange cats do tend to be very confident.
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