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Care to Share?

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Care to share how you found this board initially? I was doing a search on Google for kitten advice and found the page Anne set up in kitten care. Then I just followed the links to here. This was over a year ago at least.
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Similar way here. I was looking for help w/ my new cat about a year ago and found this place. I was a "lurker" for a bit, then joined in I guess around July 2001.
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I found this site several days after I had to put my 14 year old cat, Midnight, to sleep. I needed to talk to someone but I so upset about Midnight's death that I couldn't actually talk about it in the real world. I started searching the internet for a nice place where the people would understand pet loss and I found TCS. I got a lot of really good support and sympathy from the people here, and I liked the site well enough to stay.
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Got a link from Efrat, she posts here too... I'm a member on another forum too, have to say I post more there, but it's because I have to get used to this forum first
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Yay for Google! That's what brought me here too. I believe I was looking up skin conditions in cats. My cat had flea allergy dermatitis, and it persisted after we got rid of the fleas, so I was looking for info and things that might speed up the healing process. I'm gonna see if I can't find my first post!
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I had registered to receive Emazing's "Cat Tip of the Day" via email. At that time, Anne was contributing the tips, and the email contained a link to the site. Although I don't find as much time to post to as many things as I used to, I never fail to stop by at least once a day and see what's going on.
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I'm also a moderator at another pet site. All of the mods at that site were sharing their favorite animal sites, and the other cat mod listed The Cat Site. I've been here ever since!
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I think it was petshub that brought me here. Or it was Google(seems to be pretty popular) I can't really remember. Anyway I was looking for a canine message board that was fairly busy but I found this place instead.
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Last year my Siamese Queen had a litter, and I wanted to know how to tell lilac from blue and sealpoint from chocolate early. They are born completely white, and after looking at picture after picture,kitten after kitten, it's still hard to tell, even at three months. Except for a few months when I changed internet carriers, (the Cat Site computer didn't recognize me because I was at a different address) I have been on ever since. (Sandy straightened things out.)
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I was posting on another board and every time I posted, some little smart ass 21 year old alleged vet tech had something derogatory to say about it. She even recommended I find good homes for my cats. I got tired of "the cat box" and just happened on a link of miscellaneous cat sites. I found this one and have not looked any farther.
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I really don't remember how I found this site! I was surfing at work for general kitty stuff and fun kitty pages and kept clicking links and ended up here. I also "lurked" for quite a while since I have never chatted or posted on the internet. Y'all were just so nice and knowledgeable that I wanted to join in all the fun!
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I don't remember, but I think I was getting some sort of daily pet email, and there was a link to an article about declawing. I read the article, and started posting that day.
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I don't know. My sister found it, probably while searching for something on google. I joined in March of 2002.
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My boyfriend is a member of a very similar site for fish...actually they use the same forum setup...anyways, he looked like he was having fun, and he could ask some of his questions and get answers. So I went to google and looked for cat forums so I could join in the fun. And here I am, a couple months later, having fun, and I've had all my questions about my babies answered so far.
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I think I found it on a search engine.....
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Anne and I were both members of another forum called "frappydoo" originally, then it was changed to "married adults" I had just become a moderator there, when Anne started up this site, and posted a link to it there in one of her posts. I came here and LOVED it! So when the other site closed down, I became a mod here, and I have made so many friends, and had such a great time here! Thanks Anne!
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I found the site via my search engine minutes after someone dropped off a box full of week old kittens for me to care for. I was in a complete panic as I had no idea how to care for motherless kittens. I registered and posted and had several answers within 30 minutes, much to my delight. Because of the tips I received from Hissy and others, two of the kitties are thriving to this day

Thanks and hats off to Anne for keeping this place running so well. You guys are a big part of my daily life, and I'm so thankful for that :rainbow:
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I found this site because I receive Emazing 'Cat tip of the Day' and was looking for informaiton about my first cat Jake. The link to this site was on the page. And I have been here ever since!
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