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Does anybody have any comments on this product? Bought the plug in because the cats were fighting a lot (one is a fairly new kitten 6 mths old), and instead of getting better, it's gotten worse!
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The experience I had with it was good, but I used it because one of my cats was scared to death and hiding under the bed after a visit to the vet and giving her some medication at home. She was terrified to the point that I had to chase her down to try to give her the next dose of the medicine, and when I caught her she was shaking, her heart was pounding, and her fur was flying everywhere. When I let her down (without giving her the med), she flew back under the bed and stayed there for 3 days, with me pushing her food under the bed, laying there talking to her, etc. When I bought the plug in and put it near the bed, she came out and stayed out, and was very calm. I don't know how it would work for fighting, but I think it's great stuff.
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My experience with it was good as well. I used it when we moved to our new home, twice when I was out of town for a few days, and also when we got our dog. I plugged the diffuser in the room where she spends the most time. I feel it helped her adjust well during these stressfull times.
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Thanks for the comments. Maybe it's not really aggression that's causing the problem then. The little guy IS only 6 months old, but the other cat can't even walk around the place without getting attacked! I've had the plug in for over a week now. I guess eventually he'll calm down.
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Originally Posted by midnightbride
Thanks for the comments. Maybe it's not really aggression that's causing the problem then. The little guy IS only 6 months old, but the other cat can't even walk around the place without getting attacked! I've had the plug in for over a week now. I guess eventually he'll calm down.

It sounds like the small one is trying to play... Do you have any interactive toys you can use to spend some time playing with him? I recommend Da Bird or a Cat Dancer. It might help use up some of that extra energy he has
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Well he has like 40 different toys to choose from!! I tried playing with him and wearing him out but he was still crazy! I guess he just has to grow up. He even attacks my Egyptian cat statue and tries to bite it's neck! I should mention he's an Abyssinian......they are crazy! I figured the Abyssinian I already have could deal with it, but he just screams like a baby.
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Feliway is a product that works well for some and not at all for others. It has no effect on my Loki nor on my mom's 2 girls.
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I was wondering if anybody knows....I've been considering trying Feliway, because one of my four cats gets a bit agitated sometimes, but am concerned if it'll still be effective because of the regular scented oil air fresheners I use. Will they cancel out the effects of the Feliway plug-in?
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Maybe I should try it. I have taken in a cat that was being mistreated by my neighbor. I had her for over a month and she still acts bipolarish. On minute she loves you and the next she is VERY evil. I'm never going to find her a home. I am stuck with an evil cat. I would like to wack my neighbor in the head. Grrrr!!! I am soo very frustrated. I think that I am the only person on earth that would ever put up with a creature that acts like this. Are there behaviorists for cats, seriously? I honestly have no clue what to do with this cat. I still need to take her to the vet for a check up, but I don't believe that there is anything wrong physically with her. It is all mental she needs a shrink. Someone please reasure me that she won't be evil forever.
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A month is a very short time for a cat with personality issues due to abuse or mistreatment. Please be patient! Think of them like children. When children have been mistreated, it takes sometimes years for them to trust people. I did have a friend who took in a stray (her first cat yet) and the cat would attack and bite her all the time. She wanted to get rid of it, but she kept her and now she is the sweetest cat and she never bites anymore. It takes time for the cat to realize that she can trust you. If you get rid of her, most people will not be as patient and she'll probably end up in the local pound. I would say give her up to a year or so and you should see gradual improvement. When she's acting up, I would just put her in an area she feels safe in and leave her alone. Don't react to it. I think it will stress her out even more. Remember, abused cats are usually used to people yelling at them and may associate it with mistreatment, so they may react differently when they hear yelling. Try to stay calm. An ex-boyfriend of mine had a cat that came from an abusive home and if you raised your voice, she would attack!! That's definitely NOT a normal reaction for a cat.

I know there are cat behaviorists, but I don't know how to find one.... maybe someone else out there knows??
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I strongly support and recommend Feliway and have personally observed it work wonders! Please be patient with your little ones and continue to shower them with tender loving care! You may even want to consider reintroducing them with tips from this informative article!
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You know, everything went great when I introduced them. The kitten was in a separate room for about 4 days and I would gradually bring them out. They were playing nice in the beginning, chasing each other around, etc. Once the kitten became more "ballsy" so to speak, he just won't leave the other cat alone. As soon as he sees him walking around, that's it..... he jumps all over him. He even jumps on him when he's sleeping! He actually seems to be playing a game (I think) so I'm hoping he'll calm down eventually.
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Still wondering about mixing Feliway plug in with other scented oil plug-in air fresheners.....? Will they reduce it's effectiveness?
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Re: abused cat. This cat may take many months to stop being
bi-polar. He/she needs to learn to re trust people (you) that you
aren't going to hurt him/her. I have a cat like this - you would be
petting and suddley she would bite to draw blood and claw me up.

I used behavior modification (read about it in the stickys on this site)
and I also used extreme paitence. Eventually, 8 months later, Lexi was cured
mostly of her biting and scratching... and lets me pet her and pick her up
(without growling much). She will never really be a lap love cat, but she
is now able to BE an affectionate cat.

Don't give up on this one. Maybe a year or so, but she/he will come around
and start to trust in you...
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I am a number one fan of the diffusers and I have a spray bottle I use to spritz the car when I take her somewhere.

A few drops of Rescue Remedy is also an amazing helper. I put it on a pounce treat and she eats it and pow.... super calm within 15 minutes.

use it on myself now too. fantastic stuff.
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It was a lifesaver for me when Spot and I moved in with my BF and his cat!! A couple of our friends recommended it for us b/c it worked so well for them. I only used it for a couple of weeks, but no longer need to use it.
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Originally Posted by lisakmusco
Still wondering about mixing Feliway plug in with other scented oil plug-in air fresheners.....? Will they reduce it's effectiveness?
1. Scented oil plug in air fresheners are a HUGE fire hazard. I was told by a local firefighter that they are the #1 reason for housefires currently in Canada. When the oil runs dry the diffuser keeps running, overheats, and an electrical fire starts. If I were you, I'd get rid of it and get one of those Airwick Decospheres or something like that, which doesn't need energy of any kind.

2. One is pheromones and one is scent. They are two different things, even though they are both smelled. If you've ever been around your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner/whatnot when they're wearing a cologne and then you both start getting aroused.. you probably already know what I'm talking about. You might smell the cologne, but when pheromones start dancing in the air, you can smell *them* too.

BTW, b/c these pheromone diffusers work (I'm guessing) similarly to the scented oil diffusers, I'd keep a close eye on the oil levels. Just start a routine to check every Monday or something, and replace the vial if it starts looking low. It'd only take seconds, and it could do a lot to prevent a fire if you're away (at work, etc).
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