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Mom worked all the time and was hardly home but the religious folks caught her one time. She listened and noted what the person said and how they used scriptures. Then she countered with other scriptures and started asking questions of the person beyond what they expected! Mom spent many a Sunday and Wednesday even listening to her dad - a Baptist minister!! If the lady's friends hadn't intervened, Mom felt she almost converted her to being Baptist!
That reminded me of a story about my dad. In the early 70's before altheimers stole my dad, he would actually invite JW's in. He would listen for awhile and just when they thought that they had him on the hook, my dad would turn things around. He actually would have them arguing against a concept that they previously stated that they believed. They would be sooo confused by the time they left.

On a side note, my mom got very angry at a real estate person that had dropped by the house while she was at work. (my dad was 30 yrs older than my mom). Her next door neighbor has speifically told her NOT to go to my parents' house, that the gentleman suffered from altheimers. Well, that little hotfooted it over there. My dad went to the neighbor's house in tears saying that someone was going to take his home away. Wanda (the neighbor) called my mom at work and told her this. She had a card from the company that sent the out and read them the riot act and if my dad had any health problems stemming from this, then they would here from her lawyer. Luckily Wanda was able to get my dad calmed down enough before my mom got home.