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It's newbiw mania!

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So I guess Sundays are newbiemania kind of days.

I have two crazy cats - ok, one crazy, one being driven crazy.

The grand old man of the domain is beast, about 5 years old, black and a chronic overeater who enjoys late evening headbutting sessions when the day has not brought his preffered dose of love and attention, splaying himself in the middle of the floor doing his best throw rug impression and voicing his extreme displeasure with my computer addiction by destroying my computer chair. he was a giveawy I fell for outside of a K-mart one day, immediately fell in love with, put in the car, drve home, spent 4 hours attepting to coax out from under the passenger seat of the car and then endured the endless smirks and giggles of the local Pep Boys staff as said passenger seat was removed in order to extract the little monster. He was originally named brat but his over sized paws, bowed front legs, and self assured strut as akitten reminded me of a mini gorilla and I often joked that he was a "vicious little beast" and soon - he just became Beast.

The object of his fatherly love is Salvaje. I think he's a Russian Blue but his white triangle marking on his chest and tummy tell me he must be a mix. Salvaje came to the family when I went to the pet store to pick up some new treats and toys to appease his anger at still another road trip and ended up picking him up a new companion instead. Salvaje is a creature like no other. He's is a declawed hunter who was known as "The Menace" for a period of time as at least once a week I would wake up in the morning greated by his hummingbird catch of the week - this from a balcony. When we moved to a house and he could go outside he would often bring me lizards and grasshoppers and even once a praying mantis. He would chase and play with them outside my office door and then escort them back outside. He also enjoyed catching field mice but somehow knew that these were not to be brought inside. His latest adventure took place in our turn of the century building when opened the apartment door to go play in the hall and was spooked by a passerby into a unit being renovated - and right into the hole in the floor which lead to a "crawl space" that spanned the entire block long building. This adventure lasted nearly a week during which both Beast and I freaked over his complete disappearance into the dregs of anncient plumbing. Six days later he emerged happy and oblivious. had a bite to eat, and then returned to his perch on top of the step ladder which he gained such affection for while I was painting that I ended up making part of the room decor.

I am not a cat owner - I am owned by cats.
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Aren't we all? Welcome to the site. I hope to see your posts soon!
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Oh yyeah- I almost forgot.... Salvaje is a cronic paper eater... Iam not the most organized person in the world - well OK - I'm organized but my floor and lower shelkves of the computer desk often sub for my fi,ing cabinet. THe problem is that Salvaje has taken to eating my files. I have often come home to find 75% eaten pieces of paper, woken to the dulcet tones of paper being devored and spent days trying to find the shhet of labels I know I printed only to find their remains in the litter box. Avery lazer labels seem to be a true delcacy as he has taken to digging unprinted sheets out of the box and eating them. (Yes this cat is resourceful as he is strange!). I love this little monster dearly, he is the source of endless entertainment (for the building as well as myself as he has taken to batting his fake mouse under the apartment door and lying in wait for passers by to kick it back under only to be treated by a return volley of the mouse or a much coveted swipe from his smokey blue paw.

Any suggestions on how to curb the woodchip cravings?
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Fenex. Welcome to TCS. Your family certainly sounds very lively and interesting.

I can imagine the Pep-boys reaction when Beast got hauled out from under the seat!

Salvaje seems to be quite the adventurer~unusual for a kitty that has been de-clawed.
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Welcome to the site! Never a dull moment in your house, I can tell. That's too funny about the ladder becoming part of your decor! I have a Christmas tree skirt that the kitties just couldn't part with in my living room, as well as a couple empty boxes Trent has claimed.

Hope to see you posting often!
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I really enjoyed your stories. Felt like I was reading an account of my 2 boy, Squirt and Joey. Hope to see you posting often and welcome!
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Welcome! In regards to your paper monster, from what I understand it means that something is lacking in their diet that they happen to need extra. That doesn't mean that you aren't providing for them nutritionally, it just means that Salvaje needs an extra something (that Beast doesn't) that he isn't getting from his cat food. I think the term of what Salvaje is lacking is called pica deficiency? If you go to the health forum and do a search it will give you some info on what you need to do for him. Love your introduction, your boys sound fabulous.
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