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A fat smelly cat!!!

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Hello All,

I have two cats ages 9 and 3 years old. The older male cat, Caleb, is extremely overweight- 22lbs. The younger cat, Sasha,weighs 11lbs which I think is a little on the chunky side for a tourtise(sp) shell. I need a diet and exercise regime that will work for both of them. BTW- Since January I have been limiting their access to food (one cup in the morning one in the evening). Sasha seems fine with this arrangement but Caleb has become increasingly hostile (constant meowing and competing for food). Please advise. Oh, regarding the smell, Caleb is no longer able to bathe himself so I need to find a way to deal with his odor (cat pee). His mood has been fine so I don't think the smell is the result of a medical condition. Please Advise

Thank you in advance
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First off what are you feeding them?
And are you saying two cups total between them, or two cups each?

You should never put a cat on any sort of diet without your vet's approval and guidance as this can be extremely detrimental to their health.

You need to first take them to the vet and rule out any health issues and discuss healthy ways to diet them.

As for exercise, play, play, play

You can get pet wipes for your smelly boy (and I think I'd have a complete senior panel run on him, he could be diabetic).

Tortoise shell, by the way, is only a color, nothing more.
9-11 pounds is fairly average for a female cat of average size.
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I would recommend taking Caleb to the vet. Cats shouldn't smell of urine, no matter how big they are. He may be dealing with a urinary tract infection or similar. You can also chat to the vet about the best way to gradually reduce his weight, as no owner should put an obese cat on a diet without consulting a vet first.
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Oh and welcome to TCS.
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If the vet does recommend that Caleb go on a reduced calorie food, you can use a box with an opening just big enough for Sasha but too small for Caleb so Sasha can still eat her normal food. Tape the food bowl to the back of the box (inside) so Caleb can't reach in and hook it with his paw/claws. You may need to weigh the box down with a phone book or brick so it can't be tipped over.

Something like this.
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time to get to the vet... as for assisitning in cleaning a warmed baby wipe or washcolth will do the trick
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