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Is this normal???Or ok atleast??

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Squiggles will meow and hover over the basket until I take sqeeky out and put him on the floor. Its almost as if she thinks there is playtime, I wonder if she just hates that box, and likes to have the floor for the both of them. I only let it go on in intervals, and then I put the baby back in, #1 because I dont want sqeeky getting into anything(so i supervise it), #2 I dont want the baby getting stepped on by adults or even my child.
So I have been allowing this for about 3 days now, just for 20-30min every 4 hours or something...But has this ever been done before? The only way squiggles would be able to get her out, is to bite his neck and carry him, which she tried once, and I think felt bad doing it, so she comes and gets me to do the dirty work..

My second question is, I dont know if you can tell by the new pics Sqeeky seems to be changing colors..Does he look tabbyish to any of you? I notice it along his ribs, his sides, arms , feet, and head a little...He seemed to be all black, but now its like greyish, not white though...I know their fur becomes more "lively" once they are older, but he seems to be completely changing..

And thirdly, What does the size of the litter come from??We have squiggles scheduled to get her spay at the same time Sqeeky goes to get his first checkup/vaccines..So she is done with making babies, just was curious to why she only had 1. I know she could have absorbed some early on, but what determines the number, her or the daddy, or her age maybe?

Thanks for any input on my many questions

We also have a bunny, who I am trying to buy one of those playpens for, since he is littertrained, so hopefully by this weekend I will have that, and when bunny isnt in it, maybe baby could atleast be protected in there if Squiggles keeps up this playtime stuff
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Squeeky is still very tiny, so I would recommend keeping him in an enclosed area of some sort. If Squiggles dislikes the box, you can either try a different box or the same box with different bedding. If she prefers for him ot be on the floor, you can set it up so that you put a towel folded in half down as the nest and then use rolled-up towels or blankets to form a barrier around the towel, so that Squeeky can't get lost or wander off. You can also use an undone box as a barrier.

Apart from his mum's milk, the two things he needs right now are warmth and protection so do make sure the nest is in a warm area.
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As to your second question, yes, he does look like he's going to be a tabby. A kitten that seems to be one colour or pattern just after birth can 'develop' these days or even weeks later.

As for the litter size, I think it's pretty much anyone's guess but I do know that queeens that have had one or two large litters will usually go on to have large litters and that queens that produce one or two kittens initially will usually keep having small litters.

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