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Never race with your kitty

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I was rushing to answer the phone and Wawa ran beside me. All of a sudden he just turned and stopped infront of me. I tripped. If I didn't put out my hands to stop my fall, my face would have hit the floor. And guess what my boy does when I slowly turned to stand up? He kisses me on the nose. Should I accept his apology?

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Sorry to laugh, Yayi! I can just picture the scene now!

It was lucky you caught yourself, that could have been painful!

Bless Wawa for apologising though! I think he thoroughly enjoyed the race and wanted to thank you for being such a fun Meowmy too!!
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Rosie's terrible for doing that, but her favourite is when i'm about 2-3 stairs from the bottom, she runs and jumps straight across in front of me onto the floor then walks slowly away looking back as if to say " I'll get you next time!! "

Yeah forgive him Maria, he's only playing his little game with you!
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Ya, forgive him. It's a cat thing. My cat Luna, passed away now, would be running all over the house and then just stop right in front of you to groom himself. Forgive him because all kitties make mistakes.
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At least he gave you kisses. Em actually likes me to chase him and then he chases me, its one of our little games.
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Every time I get up, Cassi races me back to my desk chair.
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aww how can you not forgive him maria??
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I guess he didn't tell you that the name of the game was "trip the mommy".
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Oh my goodness that's funny Simba (rest in peace), he did that to me all the time. What a little rascle!

I think they know what they are doing, and lauph about it when you fall.
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Oh I can just picture the scene! I'm just surprised Wawa forgave you for tripping over him; at least he gave you kisses!
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Ari sometimes plays "Bowling for Grandmeowmy" with mom. Fortunately he has missed her.
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Poor Maria! I have to be careful not to bump into Chasey when she's being chasey too.
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I go down stairs pretty fast but I'm always super cautious if a kitty is around. They will race me down the stairs next to my legs and turn and trip me just like what you said. My current kitties haven't learned this trick yet...but Clover was an expert on it.
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Aw that's so sweet that he gave you a kiss, you must forgive him! My dog likes to do this to me, the phone will ring and I'll rush down the hall and he'll be ahead of me than all of a sudden errrrrrrrr he comes to screeching halt. I'm an expert dog hurdler
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I have a little scar on the bottom of my chin from one time when Mrs. Cheese did the exact same thing! Except I didn't get my hands out quick enough to stop my chin from hitting the floor. I forgave her though, after I "beat her up." (Which consisted of running around with her and snuggling her and smooshing her face and belly haha)
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Cindy does this to me all the time! Yeah, forgive her!
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Buffy likes to race me up the stairs. I say "On your mark, get set, GO!" and we both run up. Buffy always wins, naturally, so I guess that's enough to keep her satisfied, so she never tries to trip me. But it seems whenever I've really really really gotta get somewhere (bathroom, to the phone that's been ringing for 16 rings) all 3 crowd around my feet and I can't get by without stepping on someone's itty bitty toes, and then Jake, my dog, has to get in the act and block my way with his fat butt as soon as I get past the cats.
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Oh that's funny! I'm glad you weren't hurt though! Did you get to the call on time?
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My Bob does that all the time, he's ALWAYS racing me from room to room and cutting in front of me!
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Man, am I glad I don't have stairs... Lord knows our insurance company would have booted us by now!!
My two, esp Bandit love to do that though... especially if I'm in desperate need of a potty break!
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Awww, I'm sorry, at least you didn't fall flat on your face - and plus, you got sweet kitty kisses!

Harley is really good at doing this to me, especially when I get home at night after work!

Silly kitties!
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I always tell the cats, "I can fall faster than you can run!"
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At least you got kisses!

Cinders and Bella always try to race me down the stairs first thing in the morning but I refuse to play because I always worry that I might trip over them or step on one of them by accident.
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Snowball does that when I'm going down the stairs.
Haven't tripped yet!
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Awww...I can picture it. Yeah, I say forgive him. At least he had the manners to apologize.

I'm forever tripping over Forest. Because of his disability, I never quite know which direction he's going to end up going. Last summer I tripped over him in the hall one morning and ended up taking out the thermostat.
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Aaaw thats lucky you weren't hurt. They know when they've hurt you though don't they. Im sure you have forgiven him already though.
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