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How does your cat drink?

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This is Isabel who is two, I've had her since the middle of January. All cats I've ever seen lap water sweetly. Isabel is a cat oozing with character and, like almost everything else, she likes to put her own twist on how she drinks water.

Isabel takes two or three laps of the water, then dunks her chin in the dish and does a scoup and puts her head up and swollows.

I was wondering if anyone else has a cat that puts their own spin into drinking or any other cat habit.

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Well, either this way....

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Or by being literally on the water dish...
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My cats prefer to drink straight from the water faucet. They love the fresh running water. I really need to get them some fountains to drink out of. I had one, but it broke. Mazzy likes to dip. She stands in front of the water dish, acts as if she is digging the water up, and then very carefully dips her paw into the dish and licks the water off her paw. She will also use this method if there is a cup or glass she wants to drink out of. She dips. Other than that, the rest drink pretty normally. There is a few that will lay in front of the dish and prop themselves up to drink.
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What a sweetheart!
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My cats will drink from the sink. The bath tub when we lived in an apartment that had a leaky faucet
Other than that they just use their water bowls, but my ferret likes to play in them.
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Leo dips his paws to drink out of the bowl, but he prefers to drink off the shower floor. The others just lap out of the bowl.
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Snowball used to want to drink from faucets all the time. We were always finding him either waiting for us to turn the faucet on in the bathtub or sitting in a sink. Then I bought a Drinkwell Pet Fountain and it has really helped to eliminate that behavior.

I wanted to post a picture of him drinking from the pet fountain too, but for some reason the picture wouldn't post correctly. It wasn't too large either.
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Bubba used to drink only from the running tap, but now he will only drink from a big dish in the living room that used to hold floating candles. Now it is a big cat water dish. Scrappy likes that too, but will also drink from the dish with a pop bottle attached (for fresh water). Also bubba must stir his water before drinking, and it must be moving before he'll drink.
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All four of my cats drink out of a huge water bowl in the kitchen and they each sit by it and wait while one has their turn drinking. Then if they can find your drink they'll sip out of that too. Xavier is very persistant about this.

They also like to get in the shower and lap the water off the sides of the tub.
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The 3 bengals prefer to drink from the faucet.... I know it is a bad habit. I know though that they do drink from their water fountain, but for some reason they've gotta have fresh water For some reason they don't like the drinkwell anymore Even if I spill the water out & put fresh water in, Gizmo just knocks it out. I guess the water from the faucet must taste very fresh and cold. He will sit and wait for us, sometimes, too. As soon as Gizmo gets up there & meows, the other 2 come trotting over & hop up.

Fluffy & Cinnamon drink from their own drinkwell fountain. They seem to prefer to drink from the spout part. They are such well behaved gals, as compared to the bengals, lol!
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Fred only drinks from a bowl on the floor. He drinks quite a bit at a time, but only once or twice a day.

Sparky very seldom drinks. If I put some milk in a dish, he'll drink that. He also drinks from cereal bowls my daughter sometimes leaves on the table.

Blackie is interesting. He'll dip a paw into almost any drink that sits unattended for long enough. He runs up to me every time I run the sink, and drinks from the puddle around the drain where the water collects. He also likes to drink from sport-top water bottles. Go figure.

Cats are terribly interesting, all so unique
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Most love the faucet or my glass (Merlin tipped over a full glass of water yesterday). Excalibur dips his paw into his bowl.
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My cats both do the glass thing, too, especially with fridge water.

The cat I had before used to pull her water dish toward her until she was happy with the position.
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