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Okay, I have this new job in Accounting and it requires dealing with a lot of billing, paper and filing. This is my second day on the job and my fingers have so many paper cuts. Any experienced filers have any suggestions on how to not get cut so much, or is it inevitable? It really hurts!!
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I deal with paperwork ALL DAY! I'm a receptionist, I don't have that many problems with papercuts, ect - but when I do get them, THEY HURT!

I know that there is someone out there that can help you out!
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Get some latex exam gloves from Walgreens or something and wear them. Not attractive, but it works really well!

That's a trick I learned while doing the filin for my dad's dental practice.
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Or you can wrap the trouble zones of your fingers in black tape. Latex gloves work, but this is much more stylish
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Thanks for the suggestions! I will definately try that tomorrow!
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These always helped me... and they're actually pretty comfy.

This is a better picture of them, but they make you enter your zip code before you can see the pic.

Oh and they come in different sizes too.

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Super Glue on your fingertips? (You might want to let it dry before handling papers, though!)
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OMG!! I feel so badly for you, as I know, if it were me, I would be COVERED too, from tip of my fingers, to my elbows, in cuts! Today, I went to feed my colony of stray kitties. I put an opened/empty can into a plastic bag and as I was picking the bag up, the edge of the lid came out through the plastic bag and cut my little finger almost to the bone!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!
I mean, I bled and bled and bled!!!! I did put a little antibacterial towelette on it, as a pressure dressing and it FINALLY quit bleeding. I cleaned it later on and it started bleeding all over again. I did get it stopped again, but almost think I need a stitch or two there
Oh--and did those little stray kitties care???? --NOPE!!! They were just wanting me to get the heck out of there, so they could get to that food, without me standing there watching them!!!!!!! Geeeeeeeeshhhhhhhh....that's thanks for you!!!

I hope you can find something to get your fingers feeling a lot better, real soon! Maybe at night, you can put Vaseline or Triple Antibiotic Ointment on them, until they heal up???
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten

Good plan!! That should help a lot!
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