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Aggresive Cat

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Max has always been an slightly aggresive cat.

He's always trying to bite me (or anyone), it starts off like a playful bite but soon it'll become a serious bite.

If I play with him he'll bite (but he never uses his claws), he'll only let me give him a few pats before he bites in this sort of playful way that lasts for a few seconds before it becomes a serious bite. At home everyone jokes around saying he was a dog in his past life.

He bullies all my other cats, he lays down or sits in front of every door entrance to not let my other cats get in and he sometimes will chase my other cats (for no reason) and fights with them. Sometimes he sees them as a prey, he'll get into a "hunting position" and very slowly try to "catch" my other cats.

One of my cats doesn't stand being in the same room with him. As soon as she sees him she'll hiss and leave the room as fast as she can.

He caused the biggest scene when a vet came to my house the other day to vaccine him, it was such a fuss and he was so aggresive the vet almost gave up!

He was neutured when he was almost a year old - now he's 4. Neutering didn't calm him down.

He's a hyper and playful cat compared to my other ones, I can't believe he's 4years old! he acts like he's barely a year old.

The only time I can cuddle and pet him is when he's half asleep. He'll purr and become a cute cat but as soon as he's more alert he'll bite me and sometimes, try to play.

he doesn't have any health problems (the last time the vet came over was about a week ago).

I think he may get excited whenever he plays and that may cause him to bite stronger, what do you think? could there be any other reason?

is there any way I can stop or minimise the biting?

edit: I also forgot to add that he also licks me in between bites. Its really odd.
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Does he get enough playtime? My Ashley can be like that, altho maybe not as bad, but in any case she is less aggressive if she's gotten lots of play time every day. Gives her something other than people to take her aggression out on and tires her out. But yes I do think it's at least partly due to over-excitement!
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Next time when you know he is about to bite, stop immediately and leave him. If he manages to bite, say no, and leave him. After a time, he will understand you do not want this kind of behavior.
It also sounds like he wants to be cuddled on his own terms. You will have to wait for him to come to you. And again if he does go to you for cuddles and begins his "biting", stop, and leave.
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Thanks for the advice!

rblaude: yep he gets alot of playtime. I play with him all the time and he plays on his own when I'm not around, everything seems to be a toy for him

yayi: I'm going to try your method, I hope it works out but I don't think it'll be effective unless I get everyone at home to do the same thing.
Since everyone is tired of his biting it'll be easy to convince them.
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