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And here I thought my one neighbor was bad!

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Borrowed this from another board, pretty funny, both of these neighbors fall short in my estimation. redneck diary
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Good one:tounge2:
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OH MY GOSH, Hissy!!! I don't know WHEN I have laughed SO hard!!!!! The best part was that horrible looking brick mailbox with the statue on top!!! I about peed my pants!!! :LOL:

I am going to send this link out to my friends so they can get a good laugh as well!!!

Wonder what he is REALLY growing in those kiddie pools??? :LOL:

Thanks for posting this! It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Judging from the amount of water in those pools, he's growing a rice paddy!

And, really, that isn't a fish tank, it's a "water feature"!

OMG, I can't believe the mailbox! And I grew up in a town where all the old Italian Catholics put statues of Mary in a clamshell in their garden! Except one guy, who partially buried an old footed bathtub on end so it stuck several feet out of the ground, painted the inside sky blue, and put a statue of Jesus in it (and of course we always referred to him when giving out directions, "pass Jesus in the bathtub, don't worry, you'll know it when you see it").

You gotta wonder about some people . . .
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That was too funny!!
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That was SO funny! I emailed the link to a bunch of people, too ~ this was just too good not to share!

I personally like the 2 story 'chicken coop?'. It looks like something my first husband would have started building! In fact... the whole sordid story was exactly like my first husband. Constantly building something... he even put a pond in the back yard of the house he's at now! (Albeit, no herb garden in kiddie pools... I'll have to pass on the idea. )
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It's really funny!! But Hissy, there is someone who owns two apartment houses right in my town who is sooooo much worse!!!!
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ROFLMAO!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I can't believe all the things that he did! I can't believe that he burnt up half of his yard and burned up his deck! :LOL: What an idiot. And I love the pond and the chicken coupe. Ha ha ha.
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