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What's the oldest thing you own?

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I think the oldest thing I own is a quilt my great grandmother made.
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Oldest thing I own is a vintage onyx entaglio set from my paternal grandmother, and the 3 karat sapphire ring from my maternal grandmother.

Both were purchased the day I was born.
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I don't really have a lot of keepsakes etc, most of my stuff I had to buy myself.
I guess the oldest thing I own would be my husband.
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My piano was my great grandmother's. It was built in 1890.
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I don't have a lot of keepsake stuff passed down either. I do have a few antiques like colorful bottles and such that are prettying up my kitchen windowsill in the sunlight! Oh, my Grandma did give me a gravy boat that was her mother's, and I plan to pass on too. I'd say that's probably the oldest thing.
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Hmm, I think it's my ggg grandfather's Bible which he brought from England about 1838.
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Earl's great-grandfather's collapsable cup made of 3 silver dollars that was produced in (he thinks) 1893. The oldest thing in his family is a painting from one of the ancient Chinese dynasties, but probably the most prized is a print of Mozart from the late 1700s and there are only 2 others in existance. One of the other ones is in a museum in Munich, Germany.
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I still have my baby blankey that my Aunt knitted for me when I was first born.
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I have 3 crystal goblets with green ?paint ?glaze as a design, that came over from Sicily with my paternal great-grandmother. I have no idea how long they have been in the family - if she got them or if they belonged to her or her husband's family and were passed on to them.

I also have a circa 1870 Dutch Cut glass wool holder that I think is lovely
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My husband... :P Just kidding.

A ring and necklace my aunt gave me when I was 16.
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My wife's 1910 C.F. Martin folk guitar, which was handed down to her from her father.
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Very special quilts that my Granny haa made for me throughout the years as well as my great-grandmothers wooden bowl and rolling pin.
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I have an earring that was my grandmother's that was made into a pendant after she died. It's probably from the 1940's.
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Mine personally would be Sammy my doll had him since I was three , my microscope 1930's ( it is really heavy and works better than new ones) , the desk my computer is on is about 180 years old ... actually most of what I own is old..lmao..
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I still have my teddy that was bought by my great gran before I was born. I've just turned 30 this year.He's a bit banged up and I had to sew his head back on (don't ask )
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My dads diary that he did for mum during the war
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The oldest is the abstract to the home I currently own - it has original documents about the sale of the land from 1847. Next oldest is probably the house itself (about 1902). Both get sold next month.

For personal items, I have my great-grandmother's pocket watch. It probably dates to about 1910.
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I just remembered that I have an old newspaper from 1861. The Richmond Times before it was the Richmond times.
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I have an 1880s gold Waltham locket watch, on a chain set with pink tourmalines. I even have the original jeweler's box, that it came. BTW: the watch still works.
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I have a silver ring and a silver Phoenix necklace with a huge turquise that I picked up at an auction in Arizona. Both are of Native American design and are about 75 years old each.
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I have a ring my grandma gave me. Its saphires and diamonds. Not worth anyhing but senitmental value.
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I own a ca. 4000-5000 years old piece of broken pottery found in my friends backyard. They lived in the coolest of places, the archaeologists found ie. a viking age sword and a million pieces of stone age pottery there.

The second oldest is a history schoolbook from 1916.
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A picture of my great grandfather as a toddler. I think it's from the late 1800's or the first few years of the 1900's.
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I have some costume jewelry from my maternal grandmother and a couple of oak pressed back chairs from paternal grandparents.
The "oldest" thing I own is some books from the late 1870's an Eastlake dresser from about the 1880's.
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I have a pastel (painting in oil pastels) or my Great Grandmother as a 12 year old it was done in the late 1800's and looks exactly like her. Other than that I have a few artifacts from around the world my hobby being archeology
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I have a big, heavy silver Maltese Cross with an alexandrite in the center, and a silver cuff bracelet with something written in Arabic cast into the metal. My Dad bought them in Egypt in 1945, and they were both very old then.
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A rocking chair belonging to my maternal great-grandmother. Over 100 yrs old.
My maternal grandmother's diamond engagement ring that is over 90 yrs old.
An ink drawing 80+ years old.
A bible with the year 1902 and my maternal great- grandfathers name written inside.
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Most of my pots are from the 70s from my parents. Talk about retro cookingware.

I also have an algebra book that was featured on the Brady Bunch!

I think the oldest thing is the study bible I found in my grandparents basement, it's from the early 70s.
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I used to collect 19C art nouveau and I still have a number of pieces, including a beautiful brass chandelier that I converted from a gas lamp to electricity. I also have some antiquarian books, the earliest is fronm 1830. But the oldest things I own are Roman - some glass from Syria and three brass cloak brooches that were found in Bosnia and were dated at the local museum as being around 300AD. I just love old things (maybe that's because I'm getting old myself!)
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My dresser, for sure. It was given to my great great great (I think that's the right number of "greats") grandparents in the mid 1860's. Aside from the fact that the top part that holds the hankie drawers is a bit loose, it's in pretty good shape.

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