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Left Behind by owner's passing

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I work at a retirement center. Lots of the residents have pets, and needless to say, I am becoming the "Cat Girl"--they all come to me about anything dealing with cats. One of my residents just passed away tonight and she has an 11 y.o. cat (who is not in good health, supposedly has diabetes) that was the love of her life.
This resident's only child doesn't want him, so he asked me if I would like to take him. Unfortunately, the two I have are enough, so I can't have him (that's what my boyfriend keeps telling me).
If I could take all the cats these people try to give me, I would be that lady you see on Cops who gets in trouble and has her house raided because she has 59 cats!!
Its so hard to not take all these poor kitties...
I just had to get that off my chest.
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Oh that is tough. I hope a good furever home is found for the kitty. So sad!
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That's so sad. I often wonder and sometimes freak out about what will happen to my animals when I die...
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Please find a good home for that patients baby!
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That seems like the perfect place for an internal pet rescue. After all, the retirement center obviously allows pets. Is there any way someone can organize a rescue there? Then the residents who don't have a pet, but want one, can take on others pets when needed. After all, they are getting a pet raised by another senior. This usually ensures the pet had lots of loving care. For pets with health problems, the families could donate money towards their vet care, maybe.

Surely if you post notices or call a meeting about this issue, some of the active seniors would get the ball rolling? It is worth a try! And the center should be glad to provide some assistance. After all, many people will be more comfortable moving in knowing that they are trying to help provide for pets left behind!

My rescue adopts cats over 6 y/o to people over 60 y/o at no charge. And if any animal adopted from us needs to be turned in, we ask that they come back to us, so the senior also has the reassurance that the pet will be rehomed if needed.

Condolences to you and the kitty on the loss of the resident.
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I will suggest this to our interdisciplinary team to see what they think. That's a great idea! The thing is that only the independent folks can have pets--if they have to move to assisted living or health care, they must give them up--which I have HUGE issues with!!
Thanks again for such a wonderful idea!!
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