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Is My Mimi a Snowshoe?

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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if my Mimi is a Snowshoe. We have done alot of research on this breed and I think we have a match. Can you help?
Here is Mimi...

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Hi Vader,

Unless your Mimi has a pedigree that clearly shows her lines, she is probably a very lovely Snowshoe-like mix. 8-)

That now being said, there are still a lot of breeders around who will sell a "pet-quality" kitten without the registry for less money than a "breeder-quality" kitten would bring. It could very well be that your Mimi is such a cat. I obtained a Siamese cat in this way many years ago. I ~knew~ she was Siamese, because I had seen her sire and dam's pedigrees, but she was sold without her "papers" for $100 because she was "pet-quality" and the breeder I obtained her from wanted to ensure that I would not use this kitten in my breeding program.

I think your little Mimi is quite pretty, and I'll just bet she also is very vocal as well as curious, too! I could just kiss those little white pawickies, they are so cute and the scarab on her forehead (the "M" shape) in the first image is just precious! How did she find you? Was she adopted from a shelter or a Rescue? She really is a pretty little girl. Thanks for sharing her pictures with us!


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Well, we went to the pet store to go and get some more fish for our tank, just 1 day after we got Vader, and ended up bringing home Mimi
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