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My Little Princess

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my little Princess being in her first heat. Well, I don't have to worry about her now. I will be leaving in about 45 minutes to pick her up at the vet. She went in for her spay Her brother, Scamper is going in tomorrow to be neutered. Stinker will go for her spay in a couple of weeks. She would have gone this week but I had to shell out $333 for new brakes That sure put a damper on my vacation plans.
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Oy, sorry about the brakes! Glad to hear your kitties are getting fixed. Hope they all get through it well!
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Car repairs happen when at the least convenient, don't they? I gotta get my transmission checked *shudder* and am absolutely NOT in a position to buy a new car if it is too dear to have the work done.

Hope your little one did fine today!
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She is doing great. She was royally ticked off though. She is getting around good. The vet told me not to feed her. Poor thing is hungry since she hasn't eaten since yesterday.
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Well, Princess is doing exceptionally well. She is back to her lovable self. She attacked the food bowl this morning after I put Scamper in the carrier for his trip to the vet.

Scamper was not too happy to be put in the carrier. He is now at the vet for his neuter. I will be picking him up in about 4 hours.

On a side note, I can't believe how many people are getting their cats declawed. Yesterday, there was a woman who was taking her 2 cats in for this inhumane procedule and this morning there was another woman taking her cat in for the procedure. I told the woman yesterday about softpaws but she didn't seem too interested. I think this is a cruel thing to do to a cat. My crew use the cat tree to sharpen their claws
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Glad to hear your little girlie-girl is doing so well!

You have a very pretty little group of kitties! I love the face on that one sweet little Snowshoe in your siggy - Princess?

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Princess was showing off her shaved tummy today and I got a cute pic of it. When I upload it to the computer, I will post it.

Princess is the one in the middle of my siggy.
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Congrats on getting Princess spayed.

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